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New technology of template strengthening: replacing steel with steel to achieve total duration compression

2018/6/27 1:11:03 Viewers:
For a long time, our country's Construction Engineering turnover material is most of the round pipe, wood and other materials consumption is very large, the impact of the environment is not said, the quality of construction is always the existence of such or such problems. With the rapid development of the construction industry, the construction materials have also undergone tremendous changes. Standardization and industrialization are changing the details of the construction production.
The traditional template reinforcement system is highly dependent on the technical level of the workers. Because of the technical differences, it often leads to the imprecision of the joint, the phenomenon of explosion and the rise of the mold. These uncontrollable factors can easily lead to construction quality, efficiency and safety problems, and standardized construction can hardly be effectively controlled.
The steel bracing system with high strength and high strength made of recycled high strength all steel material has been more and more popular in construction enterprises because of its high durability and long life, and "zero pollution" from processing production to storage and storage.
The traditional formwork system uses a large number of fittings such as round pipe, wood side, fastener and so on, and the formwork process is complex. The construction of steel bracing reinforcement system is simple in structure.
It can be clearly seen from the construction site that the built - up steel bracing and strengthening system is neat and beautiful. After dismantling, the waste materials such as sawdust and residual ash are accumulated, and the construction environment is clean and tidy. The traditional formwork reinforcement construction site is rather messy. After the demolition of the mold, the dismantling of the materials and the discarded refuse need to be cleaned two times. The two are in sharp contrast.
From the effect of wall shaping after the removal of the mould, the steel supporting and reinforcing system built in the days is smooth and smooth, and the molding effect can be maintained for many times. Relatively speaking, after several times of the traditional reinforcement system, the surface of concrete casting is slightly rough, which is quite different from that of the former. Nowadays, the built steel bracing reinforcement system has been widely used in all parts of the country, and has received wide acclaim.