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Please stay away from the mobile phone

2018/5/27 11:36:16 Viewers:

You may think that I'm crazy, but you don't have to misunderstand it. I don't mean to give up your mobile phone, but to reduce the dependence and obsession of the phone.
Yesterday morning, a customer sent several CAD drawings on the organ shield on WeChat, so I could check the offer. Because I had too much memory in my cell phone and the reaction was slow, I forwarded it to my colleague Xiao Zhao, Zhao Qian.
At that time, I was on the way back to the company, while my colleague Xiao Zhao worked in the company. I thought that when she opened the blueprint on the computer, she would quickly calculate the price. I didn't expect it to be more than half an hour. When I got to the office, I went into the office and found her laughing and laughing at her desk.
What do you do? I went over to see that a game called "jumping and jumping" was playing on the cell phone. I asked her if she had ever seen the blueprints and whether the unit price had been checked out. Xiao Zhao looked up and found out that I was in a panic and asked where my drawings were. You say no man!
I decided to give her a fine of 20 yuan for playing the mobile phone while she was at work. One is to play with mobile phones, the two is to delay the normal offer.
Mobile phones have become something that we can never leave.  Almost all men and women, old and young, wherever they go, are all members of the family. They are everywhere.
My son is addicted to cell phone. I go home every day and finish my homework. Last Saturday, our family drove back to our hometown to see the old man. My son sat in the back row playing with his cell phone.
When I arrived at my destination, my wife and I were walking in front, and my son bowed his head and played his cell phone behind him.  When he entered the house, his father saw his son and shouted "big grandson" son happily, but he promised, his eyes were still glued to his cell phone.
Dad was a little angry. He patted his son on the shoulder and said, "grandson, I said, can you raise your head and talk to Grandpa?" The son suddenly woke up, pushing up his glasses, and said in surprise, "ah! Grandpa, when did you come? Is it just from my home? "