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How important is the delivery on time after the contract is signed?

2018/9/21 17:47:45 Viewers:
Today, when I arrived at the company, I heard the elder brother of the workshop said that they were working all night to catch up with the deadline, and continued during the day to strive for regular delivery. Look at their tired faces. Life is not easy, even if we still need to continue. Putting aside all complaints, this is also a frustration. Due delivery is part of the integrity of the industry.

Our company is a machine processing industry, most of the parts are custom-made products, construction period in seven to 20 days is normal. Therefore, the time limit for signing a project usually needs to be considered. If the order is concentrated for a certain period of time, the production schedule will be very tense in the case of limited production personnel.

Parts processing, many are not high end products, but they are essential equipment for products. There are a lot of things that seem to be technically inexpensive to assemble, but the cost is staggering to estimate roughly. Material is not gold, but we are tons of stainless steel ah silly laughing material costs determine the starting point of product prices.

Our line of equipment production staff is decreasing, most of the ideas have practical experience and technology are their own factory, face the customer. We also insist on a handful of excellent technicians in the production line. Most of the new people in the industry like to make quick money and can not eat the pain of workshop production. Together with the harsh production environment, sweating in summer and shivering in winter, many young people shy away. This should be the employment problem facing most manufacturing industries. Naturally, the cost of labor is getting higher and higher. The ratio of labor cost to material cost has not been estimated, and the proportion of labor cost to equipment cost has not been carefully calculated. But this undoubtedly reduces profit margins. From technical drawing to workshop production to marketing, the so-called industry profit is only a little hard money. So, please, dear friends, do not easily say: your equipment has no technical content. This will seriously damage our industry dignity. The spaceship is high end, but do you use it? Do you use it? In fact, no matter which form exists, it is inevitable for development.

Although there are various difficulties in production, every industry has its own rules and regulations. Every boss has his own standard of employment. The equipment is authentic, ensuring quality from the root, mature technology, delivery on time, and perfect after sale. This is what the industry must do. Delivery on time is the first experience of our customers' integrity. Honesty wins the world!