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The process route of CNC lathe before production

2018/5/30 11:43:32 Viewers:
The lathe machining programming refers to the process route, the process parameter, the movement track of the tool, the displacement, the cutting parameters and the auxiliary function before the machining of the NC lathe. The automatic operation process of the whole process is written by means of the language instruction of the NC lathe. The entire programming file is then input into the controller of the CNC lathe. In the later stage, all parts were processed automatically according to the control flow previously designed. It can be seen that CNC lathe processing is more accurate, fast and efficient, which is also the inevitable trend of development of parts processing in the future.
CNC lathe processing is the industrial foundation of modern production. At present, most parts are processed by numerical control lathe, because the speed of the CNC lathe is faster, the manpower needs less, the cost is lower, and the precision is higher. It is possible to produce any errors in any parts processing and production. Therefore, we must carry out the accuracy check for the products processed by CNC lathes. The inspection of parts processing parts should be paid attention to as follows:
1. length size and groove size are measured with vernier calipers.
Lathe processing has more than 50 employees specializing in manufacturing and sales of hardware accessories manufacturers.
The lathe processing company has many advanced manufacturing equipment, such as CNC CNC lathe, CNC computer gong, automatic