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CNC turning for Flashlight

2018/5/24 16:47:43 Viewers:
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As a surviving person, I carry at least two things: small flashlights and multifunctional knives to deal with the dangers that may arise in cities. For example, a sudden power failure in public places in the evening, a flashlight can help you quickly understand the surrounding environment and find a safe location. For example, if you are trapped in an elevator with a power failure, the light of your flashlight can ease your anxiety. Multi function knife can help you implement the corresponding countermeasures. Of course, if backpacks travel, you can carry more equipment.
I used to use a small flashlight powered by a battery of 5, and I lost it carelessly. Today, a surprise, decided to do one. It requires smaller volume, more convenient in the pocket, and the brightness and duration should not be too bad.
The light source uses light-emitting diodes. I have many high brightness white light tubes. The voltage of the 1 section dry cell is 1.5 volts, which is not enough to start the light emitting diode to light up. Therefore, with the scheme of 1 5 batteries, we must make a booster circuit. I have no corresponding electronic components on hand.
The supermarket has 3 volts of button battery, 3 yuan 1 yuan, can light the light tube directly, and the volume is very small, but I think the button battery is too small, this scheme is not.
In the end, I decided to use 2 Section 7 dry battery to make power supply in series. Voltage 3 volts can just light up the LED, and the capacitance should be more than 1 5 batteries. Then I added to my own requirements: not to use other electronic components and related equipment, only the materials and tools easy to get in the general family, so the following is the work.
Here's the homemade portable, practical, cheap, simple flashlight tutorial:
The shell is a small bottle of this Peppermint Candy, look at the ratio of it to the hand, making the flashlight compact and portable is not running! The top cover can be taken down, but it needs some effort. I found a piece of foam plastic for packing. This kind of foam is different from that of packaging appliances. All kinds of small particles are flying across the household appliance. I use this kind of equipment which is more precise in packaging. I also forgot the specific name. Anyway, the processing performance is better. I found it on the street, the quality is not very good, good quality has considerable strength, and some models that can fly are processed with this foam. You can find other materials of similar nature, that is, they are relatively soft and easy to process.
Use a knife to cut a piece of foam plastic that is about the size of a small bottle, and use a pair of scissors and knives to trim it. The foam can fit into the bottle. The foam is cut out of the battery slot, which can just put the 2 Section 7 dry battery in a thin wire to form an electrode connection line. After the battery is installed, it connects the positive pole of a battery to the other, and you can also find a piece of iron instead of the 2 tubes of the 2 white leuco light emitting diodes.  Screwed together, it is to be used in parallel. If you have a high-power light-emitting tube, of course, only one will do.
On the left side of the front is a short diode pin, ready to connect the battery negative pole to the battery slot. The right side uses a thin wire to bend an electrode, and the lead line passes through the foam to the back of the battery slot. This is the back of the cell tank. Below is the battery positive lead, which is the long pin of the LED, which is the pin that connects the cathode. The battery tank is installed in the cell tank.  The 2 section of the 7 dry battery is "one to one", and the upper one is the battery negative pole, which is naturally connected to the negative pole of the luminous tube. The battery is connected in series through the self-made electrode line. The upper right side is the positive electrode of the battery, and is led to the back of the battery trough through another electrode line. Pressing the cathode with the finger is the long pin that contacts the positive line of the battery. At this time, the circuit is connected, that is, the 2 sections of dry cells are connected in series, so that 2 parallel light-emitting tubes can be luminous. This circuit is simple enough...

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