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CNC Machining for Aluminum cover

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Our workshop is machining services for CNC Machining parts, metal stamping parts, turning parts, cnc parts, Springs,coldforming parts, machining parts, screw machine parts, casting parts, forging parts supplier, Wecan produce machined parts according to your requirements.

machining parts: Hydraulic, valve, flange, automobile, shaft, bearing housing Bar, plate,welded part, marine part, winch part, sheet metal Equipment: Common lathe,CNC Machine,Milling,Turning,Stamping Machine,Spring Machine

Metal Process: CNC turning, milling, drilling, planning, grinding, welding. Surface Treat: Zn (Cr3 RoHS free or Cr6 ) plated, Cr /Ni plated, hot-dip galvanizing, paint,anodize, powder coating, brush, Polish Technical: Dedicated mechanical designer, experienced worker 3D design service inclusive of modeling, analysis and detailed drawing at normal cost

Quality: ISO 9001: 2008 
Control strictly and follow specification 
Move fast to meet your urgent need caused by accident. 
Packing: Wooden case, hardboard, steel pallet, according to custom’s requirements

If you want to know more about cnc machining parts in China, Please contact us. 


Automatic monitoring of tool wear is a necessary and important part of improving the automation of small lathe and realizing unmanned automation.
In the process of cutting, the tool will produce wear because of the effect of mechanical friction and heat effect. The less wear makes the geometric shape of the tool change, and the cutting edge of the tool will burn out and even fall. When worn to a certain extent, it must be regrinding, otherwise it will affect the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece, reduce the quality of the product, or even scrap it. For cutting tools, if the cutting tool is too frequent, the productivity of the lathe is reduced, the consumption of the tool material is aggravated, the labor productivity is reduced, and the cost of production is increased. For this reason, the lathe operator must constantly monitor the wear of the tool during the cutting process, and change the knife and knife in time to overcome the above drawbacks. It is very demanding for a worker to take care of many automatic lathe operators.
At present, the wear of artificial monitoring tools has been far from adapting to the increasing requirements of automation lathes and automation. The automatic monitoring of tool wear is an essential part of improving the automation and realizing the unmanned lathe. A large number of experimental studies have been carried out abroad, and the automatic monitoring and control technology of tool wear has been applied to actual production in Japan, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Holland and other countries.
It is reported that there are dozens of methods to detect tool wear directly and indirectly in machining. At present, a new type of power monitoring and protection device is widely used.
The power monitoring device is based on the principle of motor power detection. When the lathe is cutting, with the wear of the tool, the load and current of the lathe spindle motor and the phase angle between the voltage and the current will change, which leads to the power change. When the power is changed to a certain value (that is, the degree of the tool wear to the regrinding), the automatic monitoring and control device sends out the alarm signal. The tool holder automatically withdraws and the lathe automatically stops running. The operating workers can change the knife, the knife and the troubleshooting in time.

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