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CNC turning for circlip-type single down lamp

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LED smallpox lamp uses special technology and technology to encapsulate LED light source. The luminous flux is higher. Because of its good heat conduction and heat dissipation effect, the LED light source is less attenuated, the service life is longer, and the safety performance is higher, both environmental protection and efficient energy saving.
Choosing LED day Lantern is mainly considered from three aspects:
1, look at the radiator used for lamps and lanterns: the speed of the heat dissipation of the lamp determines the degree of light decay and the service life of the whole lamp. The lamp is working in high temperature for a long time. The decay of light is very fast, the life is very short, and the smallpox lamp with too poor brightness can not achieve the effect of key lighting. The radiator scheme of LED lantern is mainly composed of integral radiator, single bulb, a radiator column and external fan. The size of radiator and the quality of aluminum affect the speed of heat dissipation, and also affect the price of the whole lamp.
2, see the lamps and lanterns power (that is commonly known as the driver): the driving quality also determines the life of the whole lamp, the use of the lamp for more than 50000 hours is no problem, but if the driver is bad, the whole light will not be able to light up. The electronic components and design schemes used in driving decide the efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature appreciation and service life of the transformer. If the user does not know the knowledge of the device, it can be initially judged from the size and weight of the driver and the electrolytic capacitor used by the consulting manufacturer. LED price difference of day Lantern, driving quality accounts for a small proportion.
3, understand the brand and encapsulation of lamp beads: the quality of the lamp determines the lighting effect of LED day Lantern, the key factors affecting the quality and heat dissipation of the lamp. The chips are made of American chips, Taiwan chips, domestic chips, etc. Different brands, the price difference is bigger, the illumination effect difference is also big.
Therefore, when choosing LED day Lantern, we must pay attention to the radiator, drive and lamp beads of the lantern, and not only consider the price.

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