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CNC Machining for Plate

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Our workshop is machining services for CNC Machining parts, metal stamping parts, turning parts, cnc parts, Springs,coldforming parts, machining parts, screw machine parts, casting parts, forging parts supplier, Wecan produce machined parts according to your requirements.

machining parts: Hydraulic, valve, flange, automobile, shaft, bearing housing Bar, plate,welded part, marine part, winch part, sheet metal Equipment: Common lathe,CNC Machine,Milling,Turning,Stamping Machine,Spring Machine

Metal Process: CNC turning, milling, drilling, planning, grinding, welding. Surface Treat: Zn (Cr3 RoHS free or Cr6 ) plated, Cr /Ni plated, hot-dip galvanizing, paint,anodize, powder coating, brush, Polish Technical: Dedicated mechanical designer, experienced worker 3D design service inclusive of modeling, analysis and detailed drawing at normal cost

Quality: ISO 9001: 2008 
Control strictly and follow specification 
Move fast to meet your urgent need caused by accident. 
Packing: Wooden case, hardboard, steel pallet, according to custom’s requirements

If you want to know more about cnc machining parts in China, Please contact us. 


The tool length compensation instruction is generally used to compensate for the axial (Z direction perpendicular to the worktable) of the tool, which makes the actual displacement of the tool in the Z direction more or less than the given value of the program, so that when the size of the tool changes in the length direction (after the drill blade is worn), it can not change the case of the program. Next, by changing the offset or Z, we want to re - process the required parts size. The processing of a part requires a lot of cutting tools and the shapes of these tools are in different length radius positions.. using the length of the tool to compensate for the G43, G44, and G49 instructions can solve the H problem
Instruction format:
G43 Z__ H__
G44 Z__ H__
Instruction function: compensation for the length of the tool
(1) the G43 instruction is the tool length positive compensation; the current tool is more than the reference tool to go to the terminal coordinate value of the Z axis moving instruction specified in the program. Therefore, the actual displacement of the current tool moving Z00DE must be short so the tool length is the same as the principle of compensation.
(2) the G44 instruction is negative compensation for the length of the tool.
(3) the G49 directive is to cancel the tool length compensation; the safety directive [G49 G40 must be cancelled for safety and machine life.
(4) tool length compensation refers to the actual displacement of the tool in the Z direction, which is increased or reduced by a specified value compared with the given value of the program [numerical value in the register];
(5) the Z value in the format refers to the instruction value in the program, that is, the coordinates of the target points.
(6) H is the tool length compensation code, and the two digit number is the address of the tool length compensation register. H01 refers to register No. 01, which stores the compensation value of corresponding tool length in this register. When the tool length is compensated, the Z distance must be larger than the offset value in the register.
When using G43, G44, regardless of the absolute size or incremental size instruction, the terminal coordinates of the Z axis moving instruction specified in the program all perform G43 with the offset in the memory of the H code instruction: the Z actual value =Z instruction value + the offset value in H__
When executing G44: Z actual value =Z instruction value - the bias value in H.

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