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Processing requires precise process for Precision machine parts

2018/5/9 17:34:34 Viewers:
Precision machining is one of the important parts of mold manufacturing. Its efficiency and processing quality directly affect the success or failure of mold. The mold CNC processing needs the hardware resources, the operator, the production technology process, the Department specification and other parts of the hardware and software, so that the production quality and efficiency can fully meet the production requirements.

The machining electrode of precision mechanical parts needs fast Su clamping EROW system. It is used synchronously with the spark machine. All the electrodes do not need to take the number of minutes. The program can be processed directly by the programming program. All the parts are processed. What the operator needs to do is to install the workpiece and call programming program. The machining feed speed of all programs is programmed. Program to control, in order to standardize and unified processing speed, to prevent the operator from the machine tool processing speed control arbitrariness, required the operator to the machine tool feed knob switch to 100 percent, and then automatically change the machine tool, automatic processing, processing completed only to see whether the work is qualified, then clean up, then clean, The machine can.

In the medium term plan, the machine is used to pre adjust the stage, and the workpiece is corrected before processing, and the machine is directly processed, saving the clamping time. The forward planning uses the automatic production line system.
The machining of the precision machinery parts is made of an automatic tool library to install the cutting tool for the work of the workpiece. When choosing the machine tool, it is suggested that a closed tool library is selected, the machine tool uses an open knife library, the handle of the knife is easy to be clatters on the rail, and the knife plate is easy to die when changing the knife, and it will also lead to a great reduction in the precision of the addition, such as the tool set of the machine tool. Too many clamping errors may result in scrap of work.
The transmission mode is LAN connection. A computer controls several CNC machines, which is convenient for management and saves computer hardware costs.

Precision machining process requires precise processing.
Processing requirements: fine size que, smooth surface; reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy automation; easy manufacturing, high life, low cost; design to meet the needs of the process, economic and reasonable.
For precision die discharge machining and parameter selection, factors such as rigidity, orientation, unloading mechanism, fixed Wei method and clearance size should be considered. The damaged parts on the mold should be easily replaced. For plastic moulds and die-casting dies, reasonable casting system, molten plastic or metal flow state and position and direction of entering the cavity should also be considered.