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Six advantages of a concentrated melting furnace

2018/6/11 17:45:10 Viewers:
1. the burning burner with low excess air coefficient is used to reduce the oxidation burning loss. The oxygen sensor of the furnace can be installed according to the needs of the customer, so as to further control the oxygen content in the furnace, and the burning loss of the material is less than 1.2%.
The 2. tower structure, the flue gas in the retaining room and the melting room are all discharged from the feeding port. The maximum heat efficiency of the furnace is raised to a maximum, and the heat consumption per ton of aluminum is less than 520 thousand calories.
3. the electrical control system adopts imported components with high automation and stable operation.
4. aluminum liquid measurement protection tube is adopted by Japanese Hitachi metal Salong imported sheath. The service life is not less than 18 months. The melting and atmosphere measurement uses a ceramic sheath thermocouple. The life span of the die casting parts is more than two years.
The 5. feeder control adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, runs smoothly and reliably, and effectively protects reducer and feeder.
The automatic flue gas discharge system can be installed in the oven chamber above 6.ATM-750, which not only improves the thermal efficiency of the furnace, but also ensures the balance and stability of the furnace pressure.