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Common problems and daily maintenance of punch dies

2018/6/11 18:25:53 Viewers:
First, the main reason for the fast wear of the punch is:
(1) the mold clearance is small. It is generally recommended that the total clearance of the mold is 1/4 of the material thickness.
2. Convex and concave mold is not good for neutral, including mold base and die guide components and the inaccuracy of the turret inserts.
The punch temperature is too high, mainly due to the continuous stamping of the same mould for a long time.
4. Improper mold grinding method causes the die annealing and wear aggravating.
(5) partial unilateral punching and cutting, the side force will cause the punch to be biased toward one side and cause the die to wear seriously. If the precision of the machine tool die is not high, the punch will go over the die and cause the punch and die to be damaged.
The performance of the stamping oil is not up to the processing standard, and the oil pressure is released instantaneously during the pressing process, resulting in wear and tear in a short time.

Two. The problem of die tape
(1) the sharpness of the die edge, the larger the edge of the blade, the easier it will be to rebound.
2. The modulus of the mold and the small modulus of the machine tool position will easily cause the waste to rebound.
(3) if the clearance of the mold is reasonable, if the mold gap is not suitable, the waste will rebound easily.
(4) is there more oil on the surface of the processed sheet?
Fatigue damage of spring.

Three. The neutral problem of the mold
(1) the design or machining accuracy of the machine tool is not enough. It is mainly that the upper and lower turntable die mounting blocks are not good enough for neutrality.
2. The accuracy of mold design or machining can not meet the requirements.
(3) the precision of the guide sleeve of the die bump is not enough.
The selection of die clearance is not suitable.
The wear of mould mounting base or mould bushing due to long-term wear is not good for neutrality.

Four. The correct use and maintenance of the mold
Before mould installation and use, the guide sleeve and mould of the mould should be strictly checked for lubrication.
Regularly check the rotary table of the punch and the installation base of the die to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntable.
(3) install the convex and concave die on the turntable according to the installation procedure of the die, ensure that the direction of the concave and concave die is consistent, and prevent wrong loading and reverse loading.
After mold installation, check whether the fastening screws of the mould mounting base are locked correctly.
When the punch and die edge of the punch die are worn out, the wear degree of the die blade, the wear of the die, the quality of the stamping parts and the life of the die will be reduced.
6. The general dies used for mass production should be backed up so as to rotate production and ensure production.
Stamping tools should be operated with soft metal to prevent damage to the mold during knocking and smashing.
The mold should be handled gently in the course of transportation so as not to damage the edge and guide of the mold.
The mold should be put back to the designated position in time and used for oil and rust prevention.
We should regularly replace the springs of the moulds to prevent the fatigue damage of the springs from affecting the use of the moulds.

In addition to the reasonable die structure, high manufacturing precision, good heat treatment effect and the correct selection of stamping oil and the precision of the die installation, the correct use, maintenance and maintenance of the die can not be ignored. By using the self developed vulcanized lard and sulphide fatty acid ester as the main additive, it has a good performance of extreme pressure and abrasion resistance. It can effectively improve the surface finish and processing efficiency of the workpiece, and have no harm to the human body, the workpiece, the equipment and the environment. It is the reference of many metal processing enterprises in China. The partners have been well received by customers at home and abroad in practical applications.