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Mini RC Car

2018/5/9 12:33:34 Viewers:
Note: this column is written by Mr. Bamboo, founder of RCFans. All the articles are published in the magazine named Car and Driver, which can be purchased in the book newsstands all over China. If anyone reprints the article in this column, it must be licensed by the original author Bamboo and "famous car". Otherwise, any reprint and reference are embezzled.

In the digital age, it is a trend to advocate small and exquisite products. The remote control model car has also blown a "mini" wind in recent years. Many people call the mini remote control car "mosquito car". Don't misunderstand the car as small as mosquitoes. The proportion of the mini remote control car is usually between 1:32 and 1:18, probably the size of a computer mouse. Mini remote control car is fast and smart, and the modeling is quite realistic. Many friends are in love with the mini remote control car at the first sight. Its gorgeous and real appearance and compact structure allow you to be addicted to a fast car anytime and anywhere!

Since 1999, a surge of mini cars has been set off in Japan. After the emergence of four mini remote car racing cars in Guangzhou in 2003, the whirlwind of the mini car swept the model stores all over the country. Now the mini remote control car races all over the country have small gatherings and competitions every weekend.

Why is the mini remote control car so popular?

First, the mini remote control model car price is lower than 1/10 or 1/8 remote control car, a set of domestic mini remote control car needs about more than 200 RMB, the imported mini car about one thousand yuan is trading, and play mini remote control car needs peripheral tools, parts less, maintenance and maintenance is also a very easy thing.
Secondly, the demand for mini cars is relatively low. In addition to a special mini - car, you can play a mini - Remote - control car for a flat, clean ground, even if you can play on the floor at home.
In addition, mini remote control activities are basically not affected by the weather. Because mini cars are indoor, summer is free from high temperature, and winter is not afraid of biting cold winds. Mini cars are absolutely all-weather remote control model cars.

The mini - remote control car can speed up to 35 to 60km/h, imagine that if you drive in a track with a length of 12 meters and 10 meters in width, less than 1 seconds, the car can pass 10 meters straight, and it's really amazing. Although the venue is not as big as 1/8 and 1/10's remote control car track, it has a stronger sense of speed. The spectator will be dazzled and amazed. Manipulators enjoy it, enjoy the joy of speed, and be satisfied with the pleasure of surpassing their opponents. Moreover, the mini car is quite strong and durable, even if the beginner can safely drive at high speed without fear of damaging the car.

Mini remote model car brand is not much, the most popular today is the Japanese KYOSHO (Beijing) made MiniZ series, the series mini car with very high real car shell, Ferrari, Porsche, Lin Bob Nissan and Nissan GTR and other super sports car shells, except the super sports car shell, the MiniZ series and some lovely car shells to be selected. For example, such as Mini CooperS, AE 86 and Beetle shell, these lovely and exquisite shells can not be ignored even by beautiful eyebrows! At the same time, MiniZ has a large number of retrofitted parts. It can buy various accessories according to the venue and personal control style to get the best driving performance.
In addition to the racing car, the mini remote control car, as well as the drift mini remote control car, the SUV mini and the F1 mini remote control car, will make you tired by daytime work, so please choose a mini remote control model car, and you can spend a fast time with a like-minded car friend in leisure time. The joy of the unforgettable night of speed.