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What is the working principle of a bronzing machine?

2018/6/14 8:29:30 Viewers:
The bronzing machine produced by the bronzing machine manufacturer refers to the process of stamping the electrified aluminum foil to the surface of the substrate under certain temperature and pressure. The graphic and text of the mechatronic mechatronic aluminum stamping shows a strong metallic luster, brilliant color and never fade, especially gold and silver electrified aluminum, which embellished the surface of the printed matter with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decoration, enhanced the artistic character of the print, and played a protruding effect on the theme; its brightness is much more than the print. Gold and silver seal make the products feel superior and enjoy the beauty.
At the same time, due to the excellent physical and chemical properties of the electrified aluminum, it has played a role in protecting the printing products, so the gold stamping process is widely used in the high-end, exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, calendars and books and magazines. Secondly, the electrochemical aluminum stamping range is very wide, from the general book cover, trademark pattern, publicity. Advertising, plastic products to daily department stores, from paper to leather, cotton cloth, etc.; then, hot stamping is a dry processing method, workpiece after hot stamping can be immediately packaged and transported, so, hot stamping technology is widely used, the scope of application of stamping is still expanding.
The working principle of the gold stamping machine produced by the manufacturer of the gold stamping machine is mainly: using the principle of hot pressing transfer, the electrochemical aluminum is electrified with the printing plate and the printed material under the pressure of pressure. The heat of the electrothermal plate makes the printing plate have certain heat, the electrochemical aluminum is heated to melt the dyed resin layer and adhesive of the hot melt, and the adhesive force of the resin layer is dyed. The viscosity of the special thermosensitive adhesive is increased and the aluminum layer and the electrochemical aluminum film peel off to the substrate. With the removal of the pressure, the adhesive is quickly cooled and solidified, and the aluminum layer firmly adheres to the substrate to complete a stamping process. From the formation of the electrified aluminum and the mechanism of the stamping, the ideal will be desired to obtain the ideal. The electrochemical aluminum foil used for stamping must conform to the following requirements: uniform color on the bottom layer, no obvious chromatic aberration, coloring and color spots, smooth, white and no impurities, no obvious stripes, sand points and oxidation phenomena, good gloss, strong firmness, high clarity and correct model.