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Electronic scales use common sense

2018/6/4 19:21:24 Viewers:
The electronic scale must all know this product, yes, with the increasingly powerful electronic scale function, more and more people use, we Shanghai solid industry Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of an electronic scale, has accumulated rich experience in production and technology. It is necessary to know that the correct use of electronic scales can make the life of electronic scales longer.

The use of common sense in the scale of the electronic scale:

1, to charge the battery regularly, so that the electronic scales have a stable working voltage, so as to improve the accuracy of weighing.

2, the electronic scale is perceived by the weighing sensor's external gravity, and then transmitted the electrical signal to the electronic circuit.  When weighing, do not overexert, especially small weighing scales. The items should be handled gently to avoid damage to sensors.

3, the electronic scale is better used in the dry and ventilated environment (except for the waterproof scale), because the long-term work of sensors and electronic components will have a great influence on the electronic pounds in the wet environment, and the life span will also lead to the inaccuracy of the error.

4, the internal scale of the electronic scale is high operation A/D and single chip microcomputer circuit. In order to make you weigh accurately, it should stay away from strong electromagnetic interference sources.