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Machinery in a building with a wood-framed floor

I'm looking at buying a property with an old (but structurally sound) barn on it. I'll have to build a shop on the land at some point but the money probably won't be around for a year or so.

The barn is built into a hillside and has a concrete foundation and basement; the main floor is a regular stick framed structure. I'm wondering if it's feasible to move my machinery into this space temporarily until I can get the shop built.

I have an 8k lb VMC, and about 5-6k lbs of other machines (1000-2000 lb each). The VMC is obviously the problem as the other weight can be spread out around the edges of the building, but the VMC is a pretty big concentrated load. I can install a beam in the basement under where it sits with columns and footers to hold it up, but my concern is skating it into position.


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Help with a Dumore tool post grinder spindle


Long time lurker and avid reader of Practical Machinist here. 99.9% of the time, I've been able to figure stuff out from the collective posted wisdom of the board, but this time I need some help.


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Help with rethreading a disk shaped part

Somewhat new to machining. Have a ID threaded disk, Approx. dimensions, ID 1.750", OD 2.125", thickness .250", Material I think is cast iron. Threads are metric 1mm pitch. Threads appear to be rough and won't allow it to screw past halfway onto the male part. Male part threads have the same major dia. all the across. My thought is to hold the part in a 4 jaw chuck and attempt to rethread with the appropriate insert. Need to hold the part out at the end of the chuck jaws for visibility. Have thought of making a spacer with a hole slightly larger than the part and an OD slightly smaller than the part which would still have to sit flat and perpendicular to the chuck face and part. Seem like a lot of machining just to make a spacer. Wondering if one of you might have some other ideas or for something that would accomplish the set-up and then be removed before rethreading. Was hoping not to have to remake the entire part.


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Problem with Stratasys Printer

I was wondering if someone could help us with an issue we are having with our Stratasys FDM Vantage printer. When printing, the support tip does not extend from the head and just ejects the material on the build sheet about 3/16 of an inch away, so it never adheres. We have no problem with the model tip; and have tried different support tips and material canisters with the same result. We have run the calibration job, as well as the Z-stage calibration many times. Anyone experienced this issue before? Any input would be most appreciated.




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Just curious on this.

I like functional parts. I have, therefore never used 3D printing for my own personal parts. I take the much extra time to machine them. My machines are old and mostly manual.

My customers like 3d printed parts. The 3D parts need to be sanded for fit (tolarancing them is hit or miss). Inserts need to be glued in with ca since the plastic it too brittle for self tapping screws (or drills). My bandsaw produces a better finish so I need to sand or hit it with acetone. But, I can walk into a meeting with high level execs and they love it! They really eat it up.


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What to do with short-timers

One of my employees is leaving soon (gave a 2 week notice). Tomorrow is his last day. Since he gave his two week notice, we've scrapped a lot of parts (he's an operator) because of having fixturing that had chips left when clamping the part. Not thoroughly washing brass parts after using vinegar to clean them. Bagging parts that are still wet. Taking phone calls during his shift (more than usual, I always allowed some but in the future I'm going to implement a "no cell phone" policy). I actually encouraged him to use sick time to take time off so that I wouldn't have to put him to work.

It's amazing how overnight a great employee can go to shit once they have a new job and are serving out their last two weeks. It kind of speaks volumes about that persons personality. Some people don't have this problem at all, and even work harder during their last two weeks to make sure that they'll get a good recommendation in the future if needed.

I guess it's a good thing he's not a programmer / setup person otherwise I'd be giving him two weeks of pay and telling him to leave. One crashed machine can easily cost $5k to repair. I'm going to have to replace this operator with pallets and a bar feeder. It appears to be way more economical to do.


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Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. introduces the VC 30 Carton Erector and Closer with TaskMate® Robotic Loading System. The VC 30 uses a vacuum arm to pick auto-bottom type display and shelf cartons from the 1-meter carton magazine, erect the carton, and convey it to the optional TaskMate® Robotic Loading System. The VC 30 can also be designed to accommodate manual carton loading. Cartons then convey to the closer, or the cartons may also be manually closed. The system will handle up to 30 cartons per minute.

The optional TaskMate® Robotic Loading System integrates a FANUC multi-axis robot with ESS-designed custom end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to collate products and load them into the erected carton. When the VC 30 is integrated with upstream primary packaging equipment, the TaskMate® system may also perform as an automatic reject system for incorrect product. The FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot is standard, but a number of robot models may be specified, depending on the speed and product handling requirements. The loading system may also include automatic placement of pre-folded leaflets or booklets.

Loaded cartons convey to the automatic tuck flap closing station (standard) or hot-melt glue closing station (optional). The VC 30 can also accommodate manual leaflet insertion and manual case closure. The complete system offers pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer goods manufacturers a flexible solution for automating some, or all, of their manual carton loading process.


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The Risks With Starting Online Business?

Internet Hackers

When you alpha your own online business, one of your apropos needs to be the able firewall aegis adjoin hackers. Computer abyss will not alone try to abduct your aggregation information, they will aswell attack to get into your customer's transaction annal to accumulate claimed information.

Another botheration presented by hackers is referred to as phishing. This is if a bent sends emails out assuming to be from your website allurement barter to log in to a affected website that will abduct their login information. For your customers' protection, column a admonition on your website that warns adjoin logging into an annual from an email link.


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