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What is the best manual lathe

I currently work for a plastic molding company & we are expanding into metal production and mold making. I'm am shopping around for the best bang for the buck on these manual machines. There are so many different brands out there & thought some of you guys could give me some input. I have built plastic injection molds for 15 years, so I am familiar with these machines, but I just want some advise from others. I have a budget of $10k for each machine. Do I stick with built in the USA or do I chance it & try import machines. I have heard good things about Grizzly mills and lathes, but I'm open to your opinions. Any insight that you guys have would be appreciated. Thanks


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So we have a basic 2D cad system (Powerstation) that is sufficient for our needs and a CAM system (Smartcam) that also gets the job done. We are currently looking to get into 3D printing to use for prototyping parts instead of making prototype molds and all the time and changes required with that process.
What's the most realistic software to consider to make the 3D model? Solidworks and AutoCAD are cost prohibitive so we're looking for something less sophisticated that will allow us to go from a 2D drawing to a 3D model. Looked at Sketchup (looks more like something for architects doing houses than building molds) and Rhinoceros ( more along the lines of what we're looking for). Has anyone used these or have suggestions of another system that we should consider?
Thanks for any help.


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What to do with short-timers

One of my employees is leaving soon (gave a 2 week notice). Tomorrow is his last day. Since he gave his two week notice, we've scrapped a lot of parts (he's an operator) because of having fixturing that had chips left when clamping the part. Not thoroughly washing brass parts after using vinegar to clean them. Bagging parts that are still wet. Taking phone calls during his shift (more than usual, I always allowed some but in the future I'm going to implement a "no cell phone" policy). I actually encouraged him to use sick time to take time off so that I wouldn't have to put him to work.

It's amazing how overnight a great employee can go to shit once they have a new job and are serving out their last two weeks. It kind of speaks volumes about that persons personality. Some people don't have this problem at all, and even work harder during their last two weeks to make sure that they'll get a good recommendation in the future if needed.

I guess it's a good thing he's not a programmer / setup person otherwise I'd be giving him two weeks of pay and telling him to leave. One crashed machine can easily cost $5k to repair. I'm going to have to replace this operator with pallets and a bar feeder. It appears to be way more economical to do.


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Identify Your Market

You accept to actuate who you're aggravating to advertise your artefact or account to. Analyze the gender and age accumulation of your ambition demographic, and which arena has humans who are added acceptable to acquirement your artefact or service. For example, if you're affairs purses, your primary demographic will be women ages 16 and up.


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What is Fair Trade?

Fair barter is a almost old abnormality that presents an alternating trading arrangement to facilitate baby calibration producers. By agency of fair trade, the baby calibration producers can advertise their articles in the developed markets after getting cheated by the middleman, agents, or brokers. This fair barter action is directed added by left-wing angle than the capitalist.

Did you apperceive that fair barter is aswell accepted as another trade?


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What is a Bales Forwarder?

Freight Forwarder

International bales forwarders play an basic allotment in the busline process. Bales forwarders act on account of exporters in alignment busline services. Most bales forwarders handle both ocean and air transportation, but usually in abstracted departments. They are accustomed with the acceptation rules and regulations of adopted countries, methods of shipping, U.S. Government consign regulations, and abstracts affiliated with adopted trade.


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What is a Community Broker?

Customs Broker

Customs brokers act on account of the importer to bright appurtenances through community and bear the items to the importer's barn or final destination. In the United States, community brokers are accountant and adapted by the U.S. Treasury Department. Some bales forwarders are aswell community brokers.


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what shall we do during the exhibition

Hi ,everybody actuality . I am animated to column some of my acquaintance actuality about the exhibition .

I accelerating from university this June and again I appear to Guangzhou , The additional day I get actuality ,I acquisition a job in


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