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Hey everybody,
I'm relatively new to machining. I've taken a mill class and a lathe class at the local community college to learn the basics and I will figure the rest out with a little experience. I've got a question pertaining to pressure knurlers. I know these are inferior to the saddle knurlers, but those are pricey and I'd rather make due with my pressure knurlers for the time being. Is there a way to get a nice looking knurl from this type or should I expect a mediocre finish from these? When I knurl, I am always getting a double knurl pattern, I don't know how to correct this, is it just a matter of raising or lowering the knurl wheels? When I set the wheels up, I give them a slight offset to the right or left, I read to do this somewhere. I'm sure people are very good at this type of setup but I can't get good results thus far. Also, I am using a phase II setup so my toolholder has the knurls built into it. Thanks for the help.


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Anyone use Cor-Ten steel

Hi all,

has anyone here used Cor-Ten or Corten steel?

I have an idea for a range of garden products that would look good with the type of natural rust finish that this metal gives but have never used it before.


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Milling of non planar, multi use knife, knife less

Milling of non planar, multi use knife, knife less end, do not be afraid of the knife;
The knife corner, broadsword refinement;
Don't be afraid to face, adding surface can improve the processing speed, beautify the processing results.
Blank material of high hardness: inverse milling better
Low hardness of rough material: good milling


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How to Use Amusement in Marketing


Be politically correct. This one is appealing abundant non-negotiable, although it may go adjoin the atom of a committed "humorist." Someone autograph actor ball will tend to be "edgy." You don't wish that in marketing. Staying abroad from any demographic faux pas or adventitious breach of a accumulation of humans is a huge allotment of authoritative a agreeable ad campaign, and sometimes takes plan as marketers adjust through their concepts for any potentially alarming material.


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Reasons to use a pro forma invoice


The pro forma balance should accept all of the important acquaintance information, including names, addresses and blast numbers of the key accommodation makers for the transaction. This cuts down on any questions over who is the appropriate getting to allocution to if there are any questions or problems.



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