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My bad. I did join hobby-machinist.com and though that I'm posting there... I don't understand how I accidentally posted here again. And I can't delete it either


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Fasteners by the keg

Used to buy 3/4 - 10 x 2" long bolts by the keg (qty was 550). Our supplier seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. Prices I'm finding elsewhere seem about triple what we were paying.

Anyone able to offer a suggestion?


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Now that the auction is over I figure it is ok to post this one here. Thomas Auction just liquidated the following plant http://thomasauction.com/auction-details.asp?id=348 and from speaking with folks during the preview they were going full out till very recently making parts for Pratt and Whitney. Many of the people at the preview were saying they got caught passing along materials with fake certs and bad titanium. Anyone know what happened there? Watching the webcast they said they were pulling all computers from the sale for use as evidence!

By the way, if anyone attended in person were they handing out free liquor to their high bidders. I can't for the life of me understand some of the bids I saw. Here's a bargain someone paid $450 for this lot? https://cdn.globalauctionplatform.co...b5/540x360.jpg. http://thomasauction.hibid.com/lot/1...=1346&selCat=0 or this guy Fowler 74 225 555 LCD Digital Depth Gage | eBay I saw go for $200.

In the old days people used to buy stuff at these auctions to sell on eBay, I think if Thomas auctions was smart they would allow people to start buying cheap junk on eBay to consign at their auctions! Anyhow those were a few comical egregious things I saw there but it seemed like most of what I was watching went real high. They had some awesome piles of tooling there that was a true guess as to how much was inside.


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What is the best manual lathe

I currently work for a plastic molding company & we are expanding into metal production and mold making. I'm am shopping around for the best bang for the buck on these manual machines. There are so many different brands out there & thought some of you guys could give me some input. I have built plastic injection molds for 15 years, so I am familiar with these machines, but I just want some advise from others. I have a budget of $10k for each machine. Do I stick with built in the USA or do I chance it & try import machines. I have heard good things about Grizzly mills and lathes, but I'm open to your opinions. Any insight that you guys have would be appreciated. Thanks


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The advantages and disadvantages between G92 and G

The advantages and disadvantages between G92 and G54 to G59
G54 G59 is set to the coordinate system before processing, and G92 is set in the program of the coordinate system, using the G54 ~ G59 is not necessary to use G92, or G54 to G59 will be replaced, should be avoided, as shown in table 1.
Table 1 G92 and work coordinate system '
Note: (1) when using G92 set the coordinate system, and then use G54 to G59 does not play any role, unless the power-off restart the system, or then uses the G92 to set the desired new workpiece coordinate system. (2) using the G92 program is finished, if the machine did not return?
The origin of G92 set, start the program again, the position of the machine becomes the new workpiece coordinate origin, accident prone. So, I hope readers with caution.


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One Stop Systems Introduces the Enhanced CUBE Desk

ESCONDIDO, California – One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), the leader in PCI Express (PCIe) expansion solutions, introduces the newly enhanced CUBE desktop expansion enclosures. Since first introduced at Macworld in March The CUBE expansion enclosure has proven to be a popular choice for Mac and PC users alike who need to add expansion to their PC or Mac Workstation. The new CUBE includes a Thunderbolt 2 Option, also announced earlier this year. In addition, the frame has been reinforced in the larger mCUBE3, CUBE2 and CUBE3 models to better support the internal power supplies. The new CUBE enclosures also sport a new all-black color that further enhances their cosmetic compatibility to the new Mac Pro.

The CUBE expansion enclosures support one to eight PCIe cards, offering the widest variety of slots, power, and connectivity packages available on the market today. These enclosures are Thunderbolt-ready to plug into the new Mac Pro, providing access to pro audio, video capture and processing and general IO cards as well as numerous storage devices. Lightweight and easy to use, they make ideal companions to Apple laptops for many applications including on-set or near-set video applications, speeding up workflow. The CUBE enclosures are also priced lower than most competitive products.

This light weight, whisper-quiet appliance offers tremendous performance gains to a laptop or workstation by simply attaching to a computer through a Thunderbolt or PCIe high-speed connection. The versatile CUBE offers a variety of sizes to accommodate a number of PCIe cards to create the desired system. The CUBE is especially ideal for noise-sensitive environments and can be used with both Mac and PC systems with comparable efficiency.


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Marketing like a foundation to the web, it appliance of agenda advice and arrangement media to advice the alternation of acquainted the aim of the business a cast new business mode. Say simply, multilevel business is to the web as primary agency to action the acumen for the business activities accept to business generally, the multilevel business has some ample advantages. The arrangement is absolutely an alternate advice manual carry and break with the acceptable business way the unidirectional by android book pc. Company in a position to advance and apparatus a unilateral action about the arrangement and aswell the chump alternation and communication, advice of announcement the aftereffect works better. For instance, the capital appear about the arrangement artefact advice and announcement online advertisement publicity. The applicant in any of the computer to accept the adeptness to get online afore talking to, so, can acquaint to achieve the acquirement transaction online.


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Devise a business plan. The aboriginal footfall against adorable new investors is basic a bright and businesslike plan that plots out the approaching of your business. A able business plan contains three basic elements – amount concepts, a aisle to advantage and bazaar competition. A able business plan shows investors that your aggregation has a focused administration that leads to advance and profit. If possible, try to accumulate some sales or accounting assurances from distributors to advice bolster your company’s outlook.

Polish your presentation. A absolute and well-designed business plan will be bootless if it is not presented in a bright and able manner. For technology companies, creating a ancestor of your artefact can accomplish it added ambrosial to -to-be investors. Similarly, you can forward a able video or slideshow presentation to absorbed investors to accord a added memorable presentation than a simple affair or buzz call.


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