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One Stop Systems Introduces the Enhanced CUBE Desk

ESCONDIDO, California – One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), the leader in PCI Express (PCIe) expansion solutions, introduces the newly enhanced CUBE desktop expansion enclosures. Since first introduced at Macworld in March The CUBE expansion enclosure has proven to be a popular choice for Mac and PC users alike who need to add expansion to their PC or Mac Workstation. The new CUBE includes a Thunderbolt 2 Option, also announced earlier this year. In addition, the frame has been reinforced in the larger mCUBE3, CUBE2 and CUBE3 models to better support the internal power supplies. The new CUBE enclosures also sport a new all-black color that further enhances their cosmetic compatibility to the new Mac Pro.

The CUBE expansion enclosures support one to eight PCIe cards, offering the widest variety of slots, power, and connectivity packages available on the market today. These enclosures are Thunderbolt-ready to plug into the new Mac Pro, providing access to pro audio, video capture and processing and general IO cards as well as numerous storage devices. Lightweight and easy to use, they make ideal companions to Apple laptops for many applications including on-set or near-set video applications, speeding up workflow. The CUBE enclosures are also priced lower than most competitive products.

This light weight, whisper-quiet appliance offers tremendous performance gains to a laptop or workstation by simply attaching to a computer through a Thunderbolt or PCIe high-speed connection. The versatile CUBE offers a variety of sizes to accommodate a number of PCIe cards to create the desired system. The CUBE is especially ideal for noise-sensitive environments and can be used with both Mac and PC systems with comparable efficiency.


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Blacksburg, VA — ESS Technologies, Inc. introduces the VC 30 Carton Erector and Closer with TaskMate® Robotic Loading System. The VC 30 uses a vacuum arm to pick auto-bottom type display and shelf cartons from the 1-meter carton magazine, erect the carton, and convey it to the optional TaskMate® Robotic Loading System. The VC 30 can also be designed to accommodate manual carton loading. Cartons then convey to the closer, or the cartons may also be manually closed. The system will handle up to 30 cartons per minute.

The optional TaskMate® Robotic Loading System integrates a FANUC multi-axis robot with ESS-designed custom end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to collate products and load them into the erected carton. When the VC 30 is integrated with upstream primary packaging equipment, the TaskMate® system may also perform as an automatic reject system for incorrect product. The FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot is standard, but a number of robot models may be specified, depending on the speed and product handling requirements. The loading system may also include automatic placement of pre-folded leaflets or booklets.

Loaded cartons convey to the automatic tuck flap closing station (standard) or hot-melt glue closing station (optional). The VC 30 can also accommodate manual leaflet insertion and manual case closure. The complete system offers pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer goods manufacturers a flexible solution for automating some, or all, of their manual carton loading process.


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Makers are also boosting system reliability with dual GSM and PTN coverage.



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