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Mounting Diamond Wheel to a 1/2 Shaft

Im pondering how to mount this wheel on this old motor, just using it for touching up HSS and Brazed Tools.
I was thinking of making a flange which I did, but the shaft has such a large flat on it that its hard to get a good fit that runs true. Then I thought I should sleeve the motor shaft and mount the flange on the sleeve, then set screw. or maybe use a Tapered Split Compression Sleeve?
Any Ideas? Thanks


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Polishing in bearing fits on a T303 shaft

I have a customer from whom I've received many hardened motor shafts for modification. It's a pain in the ass. Totally doable, just not fun. I proposed to him that instead I make them from scratch in stainless. This appealed to them because there is a weather exposure element for the shafts.

The shaft has two bearing fits. One is 4mm, the other a bit bigger, for scale. A couple other precision features. The bearing fits are the nut of it though.

My Whacheon will give me .0003"- .0005" oversize on the bearing journals repeatably; I did a bunch tonight. So that's how much I need to polish off. When I did the prototype shaft for them, I polished them in with 600-grit Emory and it was quick and seemed like a workable process.


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machining splines on a shaft

I have a Rotex vertical head that has the threads on the spindle nose about worn out. It has the double taper Y type collets. I am thinking of either machining a ER20 collet on it (will be very close for the threads if I use the mini nut with M24 X 1.0P threads) or making a new shaft with ER20. I could use a PCH-ER20-1000S-10L from Craftsman Industries Inc. Which has the ER20 nose and a 1" shaft 10" long which is just the length I need. My only problem would be the splines on the end. I looked in the Machinery handbook but they start off with a .75 shaft. I have a .625 shaft with 6 straight sided splines. The splines are .150 wide and have a root dia. of .530. I don't know how to figure out what cutter I would need for this. I could do it with 2 slitting saws and mill out the middle but I was hoping to find out what the real cutter would be for this with the radius for the minor dia. Any other info needed let me know. Thanks for the help.



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