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I am a volunteer with the National Air & Space Education Institute, NASEI. We a 501C3 nonprofit that teaches high school students aviation subjects such as aircraft maintenance, engineering and flight training. NASEI started in Frankfort Ky in 2006. Classroom teacher and new pilot Tim Smith started using aviation as a practical way to teach math and science. A wreck of an airplane was acquired and the nonprofit was started. We just moved into a 30,000 SQ.FT. hanger at Bowman Field in Louisville Ky where we are setting up classrooms, labs and an aircraft building and maintenance shop. I am working to get a real nice shop set up. We need donations of shop equipment, hand tools, Shelves, material, tool boxes classroom and office furniture and anything of value that can help us get started. So far we have some hand tools, some welding equipment, a nice Saylor Beall air compressor, a B model Johnson Band Saw and a Baldor pedestal grinder. Any items donated will be used or sold to fund our daily operations. Donations are tax deductible. You can contact myself through this website or email Tim Smith at tim@iae.aero or 502-320-9490. The website is THE INSTITUTE FOR AEROSPACE EDUCATION | Building Futures in Aerospace

Thanks, Danny Downs


Tags: Donations needed for high school aviation Shop program

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