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Programming manuals

Hello my name is chris, Im sorry if this is in the wrong area but upon reading a sticky it said i should post in general. mods please move if it is or guide me to correct section

At work we currently have a Miyano- Jnc 60 lathe that has not ran in years. 7 months ago we had a business fire destroying about 20,000sq ft of our plant and contaminating everything with soot. Items that were deemed destroyed were recorded and sent to our insurance company. I have currently been able to get the machine back up and running. all seems well and the machine takes simple programs that I have written. Currently I am on the lookout for the original programming manual and operator manual that came with the machine. If anyone has a heads up on where i can find these manuals it would be greatly appreciated. Tried contacting miyano but seems they were purchased out and cannot find anyone that is willing to help with what I need. If you have and distributors or companies that may be able to help me it please let me know


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Other programming for computer gongs

Other programming for computer gongs
Program segment sequence number, represented by the N address. General NC device itself memory space is limited (64K), in order to save storage space, segment sequence number are omitted don't. N indicates the program segment label, can convenient search editor, has no effect on the machining process, the sequence number can be incremented may also decline, but also does not require numerical continuity. But in the use of certain cycle instruction, the jump instruction, calling the subroutine and mirror instruction cannot be omitted.
9 the same program section, the same instruction (the same symbol addresses) or with a set of instructions, after the emergence of the play.


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