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Ever try to press fit titanium

Maybe there's a trick to it, but I sure haven't figured it out. I was trying to duplicate what I thought was a press fit of a 1/4" rod through a 1/2" rod, but I just couldn't mange it. I started out with the 1/4" rod turned down so only 1/2" of it was 0.249" diameter and reamed a 0.248" hole. When my press went up past 2000lbs I figured it went bad. I managed to press it back out and saw the smear. So then I tried smearing it up with anti-seize, same results. Then I tried 0.0005" clearance, same problem. Maybe this was just a bad idea. Any tricks?


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Arbor Press accessories tools

So I bought a Framco 3-1/2 arbor press with a ratcheting handle. Other than pressing arbors I find most jobs press difficult and time consuming because I don't have the right fixture to hold some thing that needs pressing or the right punch to press with. I usually just cob something together which usually fights me thru the process anyway.

The most recent press job was removing 1/4" shaft brass gears from potentiometers held on with 3/32" roll pins. Drilling a new 3/32" hole thru a new 1/4" potentiometer shaft and pressing in a new 3/32" roll pin. For this job I used a small bench arbor press.

1st question is what do you like to have at your disposal for general press jobs. Pictures of common fixture or other accessory


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Can a press fit be airtight?

I wish to thank all of you who know more that me.

I am beginning to manufacture a MADE IN USA product for museums and archives around the world. It is an aluminum structure with a glass top that is filled with argon gas. The technology is originally from the food industry and adapted to the conservation world with studied done by The Getty Museum, the Tate Museum in London and NIST on behalf of the National Archives.

My question is: Can I get an airtight seal by pressing an aluminum tube with an internal valve into the side wall of the aluminum enclosure. The wall of the enclosure is about .125" thick and the tube is about .375" dia. with a wall thickness of .100". NOTE: I am looking for a long term "air proof" seal with less than <.5% oxygen leakage over 10 years. The NIST leak tolerance is for <.5% oxygen over 150 years. My current installation method is to silver solder the tube in place.


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