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Size of sqaure shank on taps

I am trying to find the size of the square shank on a 5/8-11 tap. I have the tap on order but I need to make or buy a extension so I can drive the tap down beside some obstructions. If I knew the size of the square drive end I can make the extension ahead of time. I believe there is a standard where several taps in order use the same drive size then it jumps up for the next few etc. Maybe it is a standard size so I can buy a socket designed for square nuts. I have a extended tap handle but it only goes to 1/4 or maybe 3/8. I know it will be too small for 5/8.
I am hoping 5/8 is the same drive size as 1/2 since I do have some stuff for 1/2" I could probably modify.
Bil lD.


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CNC Machining of chengchuang

our workshop is a manufacturer, producer in China specializing in the global supply of Good, high quality, low price, low cost OEM Metal parts, steel parts, precision metal parts,such as CNC Turning machining,CNC Milling machining, metal stamping parts, springs machining,mold Manufacturing,mould design and so on.

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New shop electrical is getting connected. I was planning to put my air compessor (IR 5HP 80 gal. tank, 175 PSI) on the outside mostly to eliminate noise. A buddy said that is not the best location as the outside has dust, etc. that wears the compressor out sooner than having it inside. The compressor has an air filter. Where did you locate your air compressor and why at that location? Did it work out as you planned? Any problems? Did you change the location? Would you do anything different? Thanks. Gary R.

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List of Charmilles Robofil 300 G and M codes

I was wondering if anyone on here could share a copy of the G and M codes for my Charmilles Robofil 300.

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OT - Purpose of this stopcock and nozzle?

More curious than anything else -- what is this stopcock and nozzle originally intended for?

The stopcock has a standard 1/4" NPT male thread. It appears to be marked "NAT," with a "shield and S" logo, and what may be number 845 on one side. The tip has a brass threaded nozzle at the end of the chromed piece. That piece has a straight thread, with a sort of compression seal where it bottoms into the stopcock.


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Milling of non planar, multi use knife, knife less

Milling of non planar, multi use knife, knife less end, do not be afraid of the knife;
The knife corner, broadsword refinement;
Don't be afraid to face, adding surface can improve the processing speed, beautify the processing results.
Blank material of high hardness: inverse milling better
Low hardness of rough material: good milling


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Tampa, Florida  – Arthur Machinery-Florida  has represented  the Leadwell CNC Machine Tool product line for many years.   Leadwell recently introduced their new LTC-208 and LTC-210 CNC Lathes built in the Leadwell factory in Taiwan. These box way built models offer 8”/10” chucks and 2-1/2” and 3” Bar capacity.  The LTC-208M and LTC-210M models have Live Tooling.

Bob Arthur, with over 40 years experience in machine tools, is especially excited to offer these new models which will compliment the Leadwell Vertical Models and the Leadwell 5-Axis Trunnion machines.  Leadwell machines use Fanuc drives and motors and can be used for production as well as for Job Shop applications. Arthur states that “Companies who value a rugged built machine, should definitely take a look at Leadwell”.  Arthur Machinery serves a diverse customer base including:  medical applications, aerospace, die/mold, automotive, defense manufacturing, gun manufacturers  and the job shop customer.

Leadwell produces superior quality CNC Turning Centers,  Drll/Tap Centers, Vertical Machining Centers and Bridge Type CNC Machines.  The Leadwell Machining Centers are produced in a broad range of configurations, available with linear or box ways. All of Leadwell products imported by Campat Machine Tools are configured specifically for the U.S. marketplace to Leadwell’s rigid and uncompromising specifications.


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