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how to approach machining some parts

I'm relatively new to machining. I took a couple of courses at the local community college years again, but recently have gotten into it again as a hobby.

I'm trying to build a stirling engine using Jan Ridder's plans and I am stumped as to how to setup/machine some of the parts for the crankshaft. Below I've included a picture of the parts in the plan I'm having problems with. Specifically parts 2, 4, & 6:

Initially I turned things to the diameter, then parted them off at the appropriate length, but now I can't figure out the best way to hold them. Upon further reflection it occurred to me that perhaps I should turn the offets before I part them off. Overall, I'm completely stumped.


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CNC Machining of chengchuang

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machining splines on a shaft

I have a Rotex vertical head that has the threads on the spindle nose about worn out. It has the double taper Y type collets. I am thinking of either machining a ER20 collet on it (will be very close for the threads if I use the mini nut with M24 X 1.0P threads) or making a new shaft with ER20. I could use a PCH-ER20-1000S-10L from Craftsman Industries Inc. Which has the ER20 nose and a 1" shaft 10" long which is just the length I need. My only problem would be the splines on the end. I looked in the Machinery handbook but they start off with a .75 shaft. I have a .625 shaft with 6 straight sided splines. The splines are .150 wide and have a root dia. of .530. I don't know how to figure out what cutter I would need for this. I could do it with 2 slitting saws and mill out the middle but I was hoping to find out what the real cutter would be for this with the radius for the minor dia. Any other info needed let me know. Thanks for the help.



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Machining schools/training

I think some other people have the same topics but their threads are years old. Anyways, are there any schools or shops in Massachusetts that offer proper training in CNC/tooling, especially during summer/winter breaks or late afternoons? I'm a sophomore ME at UMass Amherst and been working long hours in the EE department's machine shop for over a year but think I've reached a peak learning point with my current boss-all manual milling, lathing, etc. I tried contacting the ME department's shop managers, but they hate people coming in during holiday. I looked up some schools and only WPI may have something flexible. Just want to continue my academics and machining at the same time. Right now, spending my free time reading a CNC book. Willing to dump a couple grand. Thanks!


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circular interpolation commands for cnc machining

circular interpolation commands
G02 interpolation clockwise, counterclockwise for interpolation of G03, the format in the XY plane, as follows: G02/G03X_Y_I_K_F_ or G02/G 03 X_Y_R_F_, where X, Y is a circular arc end coordinates, I, J as the starting point to the center of the circle arc in X, Y axis incremental value, R radius, F is the amount of feed.
Note that in the circular arc cutting, q is less than or equal to 180 DEG R positive; q>180 degrees, R negative; I, K R can be specified specified, when both are specified at the same time, the R instruction is preferred, I, K is invalid; R can't do the whole round of cutting, the whole round cutting can only use I, J, K programming, because through the same point, the same radius circle there are numerous, as shown in figure 2.
Fig. 2 through the same point circle
When I and K is zero, it can be omitted; both G90 and G91 mode, I, J, K according to the relative coordinate programming; circular interpolation, not with the cutter compensation instruction G41/G42.


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., — Designed with the best combination of total indicated runout (TIR), clamping force and ease of use in mind, the new REGO-FIX micRun clamping system is the most accurate collet system for high-speed machining on the market.

REGO-FIX developed the micRun system for superior, high-precision clamping. It’s available in standard taper types and comprises three precision-tailored and matched components: micRun collets, micRun clamping nuts, and micRun toolholders. When used together in compliance with recommended tightening torque, the components createhigher transferable torque compared to other precision collet systems and provide a TIR of less than 0.00012” at 3 x D.

Available with internal or peripheral cooling, micRun features a patent-pending collet locking system that retains the collet in the nut for easier insertion and removal, with no extractor required. The micRun line of collets provides great flexibility with four sizes available: MR11, MR16, MR25, MR32. It also allows 16 different tool diameters ranging from Ø 1.00 – Ø 20.00 mm to be clamped in the same holder, including tools with nominal diameter with shaft tolerance h11.


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accessories hint at iPad Mini features

The Apple rumor mill is running overtime with speculation of the iPad Mini launch date. No one knows for sure if the smaller tablet will launch together with the iPhone 5.

But Apple fans and tablet users all over the world really want to know what the new iPad will look like. And accessories available from China suppliers could give a glimpse into the future.

Judging by the covers, cases and other accessories being offered, it seems the iPad Mini will have a 7.85 inch screen, a smaller dock connector (perhaps similar to the rumored 19-pin connector of the iPhone 5), rear camera, volume control on the upper right side, and a space for docking at the bottom.


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Hot product: Solar panels weather challenges

olar panels have barely budged from their place within the upper ranks of the top 10 products on the Global Sources website in the past 12 months despite "dark" times.

Month-on-month buyer inquiries dipped in July 2012, although aggregate searches in the first six months of 2012 are 42 percent higher YoY.

In recent months, solar panel business in the EU has narrowed after some member countries reduced feed-in tariffs for large PV installations. The EU is the line’s largest market, accounting for about 75 percent of the world’s total installed capacity.


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