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Horse bit manufacturing - how do they do it?

So i've been missing in action for a while. Got a few more automation and PLC projects under my belt since my lasts posts. Great thanks to the automation section for the help.

I have also been focusing on quality of life and started to jump horses. Looking at some of the equipment, this company makes EXCEPTIONAL quality metal bits. What is the optimal setup for doing this on a large scale?


Tags: Horse bit manufacturing - How Do they Do it?

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My need is for a 5C collet at .2115" diameter. I can buy a .2115" reamer. Rather than bore to size, can I simply drill to 13/64" which is .2031" and then ream to my final size of .2115" ?

Will I have problems with the bore finish using a reamer, in a three sided collet, as opposed to boring it out ? Would a straight fluted reamer work or would a spiral reamer be less prone to sympathetic chatter cause by the three breaks in the inner surface of the collet ?

Thanks in advance.


Tags: Can I drill or ream an emergency collet rather than bore it?

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