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For a one-off project, I need to attach this hydraulic pressure gauge to a chamber in a steel block. The steel is free-machining, unproblematic. Inside is hydraulic fluid, at pressures up to 400 Bar. How do I design the receptacle that this screws into?

img_3911.jpg img_3912.jpg

The thread is a parallel (non-tapered) 1/4" metric G (Whitworth British Standard Pipe Parallel) intended for strength, but not to seal. So the seal must come from one of two places. Either the short 5mm brass stub should be forced into some type of taper, or the 10mm flat must bear against a trapped sealing washer or o-ring. In either case, I can't just drill an 11.8mm hole and tap it.


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Like the title say, I want a small one to put in the rear window of my truck. There has been a lot of road rage lately, and I want a witness if one of these nuts tries to ram or shoot my vehicle.

My wife leaves for work early in the morning, I worry about her.
They usually run up from behind.


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Wear Resistant Tool-Steel

We run a production job where we use a round broach, to cut a delrin-plastic material. We have to hold a pretty tight sizing tolerance on the diameter of the broached bushing, and our broach tooling is in need of an upgrade. One issue that we have, is that with any angular relief of the cutting edge, we cannot sharpen a tool without reducing it's diameter. So, for maximum tool life/sizing life, it's imperative that we have a very wear-resistant material. We currently work with a local vendor who does hard-chrome, and regrinds our existing tooling, so that is a possible avenue for re-sharpening whichever steel I were to choose.

I'm considering making a tool myself, or at least doing the design and having it made by a competent local shop. I'm having a little trouble choosing an abrasion/wear resistant tool steel however.

My first inclination is A2, or for more wear-resistance, and definitely more PITA factor, using D2. But as I research wear-resistant tool steels, a few more options seem to come up. DC53, and PM60 are also a couple options. When I look up prices for M2 & M4 high-speed steels, they seem to be about 5 times more expensive than A2, D2, S7 etc...


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Source for thin wall brass tubing

I need to find a source for some 1.25" od brass tubing with a wall thickness of .012"

It's for a part on a k&t mill and I can't seem to find this from any of my usual sources. The thinnest I can find the 1.25" is .040" thick.

I thought I had some aluminum tubing that would work, but its a little too thick as well(.035"). A shaft runs through the tubing, so it needs to be that thin.


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I am a volunteer with the National Air & Space Education Institute, NASEI. We a 501C3 nonprofit that teaches high school students aviation subjects such as aircraft maintenance, engineering and flight training. NASEI started in Frankfort Ky in 2006. Classroom teacher and new pilot Tim Smith started using aviation as a practical way to teach math and science. A wreck of an airplane was acquired and the nonprofit was started. We just moved into a 30,000 SQ.FT. hanger at Bowman Field in Louisville Ky where we are setting up classrooms, labs and an aircraft building and maintenance shop. I am working to get a real nice shop set up. We need donations of shop equipment, hand tools, Shelves, material, tool boxes classroom and office furniture and anything of value that can help us get started. So far we have some hand tools, some welding equipment, a nice Saylor Beall air compressor, a B model Johnson Band Saw and a Baldor pedestal grinder. Any items donated will be used or sold to fund our daily operations. Donations are tax deductible. You can contact myself through this website or email Tim Smith at tim@iae.aero or 502-320-9490. The website is THE INSTITUTE FOR AEROSPACE EDUCATION | Building Futures in Aerospace

Thanks, Danny Downs


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Gear motor for rotory table for milling

I am getting my feet wet this summer with milling when I can finally hook up my j head bridgeport. I have a few projects that a rotory table will be useful. i think it would be nice to have a power setup for one to get a nice and even final cut. At the local surplus store there are two gear reduced variable drive 0-400 lab stir motors. I was thinking one of these might work well.
According to the manufacturers website it has a 1/9 hp motor, gear drive and produces 196 oz-in of torque.

Will this motor work for a rotory table in the 12 - 16 inch size? Second is it not even nessassary to have a setup like that?


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How to package VERY small parts for shipping

I have to ship some very small parts I'm making and just about anything I come up with seems hokey. I need them to be kept from being lost. A small 2" x 2" re-sealable bag is cavernous for the parts, and my thought is that it would cause more grief than relief when customer tries to remove the parts. Right now I am leaning toward sticking them on a small piece of Scotch Tape and then sticking that to a small piece of clear Mylar. But while that seems best for logistics, it seems really hokey to me. Parts are for all intents and purposes .100" Long x .002" Diameter. Figure 100 pieces, approximately. NDAs prohibit me describing them much beyond that. Anyone have any nifty ideas that will at least look professional arriving? Thanks


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Any uses for Mercury??

I had someone I work with as me if I had any use for ~1/4 lb of Mercury. Does anyone know of any useful things this can be used for SAFELY?
If anyone needs it or wants it, let me know. I imagine there are plenty of laws about handling/disposal, but I do not have it in my posession at this time.--Grant


Tags: Any uses for Mercury??

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