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circular interpolation commands for cnc machining

circular interpolation commands
G02 interpolation clockwise, counterclockwise for interpolation of G03, the format in the XY plane, as follows: G02/G03X_Y_I_K_F_ or G02/G 03 X_Y_R_F_, where X, Y is a circular arc end coordinates, I, J as the starting point to the center of the circle arc in X, Y axis incremental value, R radius, F is the amount of feed.
Note that in the circular arc cutting, q is less than or equal to 180 DEG R positive; q>180 degrees, R negative; I, K R can be specified specified, when both are specified at the same time, the R instruction is preferred, I, K is invalid; R can't do the whole round of cutting, the whole round cutting can only use I, J, K programming, because through the same point, the same radius circle there are numerous, as shown in figure 2.
Fig. 2 through the same point circle
When I and K is zero, it can be omitted; both G90 and G91 mode, I, J, K according to the relative coordinate programming; circular interpolation, not with the cutter compensation instruction G41/G42.


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