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scripta machine tools

Anyone have info on these machines ?
I would like to know if the collets for the Deckle so fit the scripta (87 ?)tool grinder.
and what collets fit the pantograph mill ?
Thanks carkrazd


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Arbor Press accessories tools

So I bought a Framco 3-1/2 arbor press with a ratcheting handle. Other than pressing arbors I find most jobs press difficult and time consuming because I don't have the right fixture to hold some thing that needs pressing or the right punch to press with. I usually just cob something together which usually fights me thru the process anyway.

The most recent press job was removing 1/4" shaft brass gears from potentiometers held on with 3/32" roll pins. Drilling a new 3/32" hole thru a new 1/4" potentiometer shaft and pressing in a new 3/32" roll pin. For this job I used a small bench arbor press.

1st question is what do you like to have at your disposal for general press jobs. Pictures of common fixture or other accessory


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Constructed with wear-resistant cutting material, Walter Cut GX Tiger•tec Silver® CVD grooving and parting grades WKP13S, WKP23S, and WKP33S optimize metal removal rates while maintaining or improving tool life. Tiger-tec Silver CVD coating features aluminum oxide with optimized microstructure for max crater wear resistance and cutting speed, while silver flank face aids wear detection and permits full cutting edge usage. Mechanical post-treatment creates compressive stresses

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Basic Internet Business Tools


Email business is the online agnate of absolute mail marketing. Companies about forward newsletters to a chump email list. These newsletters accommodate promotional actual such as discounts, artefact updates and associates absolute items. You will usually use HTML alteration software and email administration systems to forward newsletters to a advanced audience. You would cipher the architecture and address the argument archetype in HTML while the email administration arrangement sends the newsletter to all of your subscribers -- sometimes millions of barter at once.



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very Useful Business Tools


Computer software and hard-drive amplitude accommodate able agency for abstracts admission and bookkeeping, two acute business functions. Computers aswell aid in routine, accessory duties such as creating calendars and stationery, which accumulate advisers abreast about plan schedules and the latest developments. Internet admission provides e-mail admission amid departments and chargeless networking and promotional opportunities if businesses ability abeyant barter on amusing networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.



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Essential Business Tools


Computers are acceptable added capital every day. As a abundance manager, you may use computers to clue sales, account and activity costs. Often, the computers are anon affiliated to registers in retail entities, acceptance food to clue alone chump purchases. The alone purchases will accredit you to analyze your best customers. Subsequently, you can mail or email coupons or appropriate deals to your best customers. Also, your advisers may use computers in appointment settings to abode reports, actualize spreadsheets of banking abstracts and advance chump databases. You will aswell allegation a computer to accumulate clue of shipments and orders if you accomplish a restaurant or retail store.

Business Plan


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