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Wear Resistant Tool-Steel

We run a production job where we use a round broach, to cut a delrin-plastic material. We have to hold a pretty tight sizing tolerance on the diameter of the broached bushing, and our broach tooling is in need of an upgrade. One issue that we have, is that with any angular relief of the cutting edge, we cannot sharpen a tool without reducing it's diameter. So, for maximum tool life/sizing life, it's imperative that we have a very wear-resistant material. We currently work with a local vendor who does hard-chrome, and regrinds our existing tooling, so that is a possible avenue for re-sharpening whichever steel I were to choose.

I'm considering making a tool myself, or at least doing the design and having it made by a competent local shop. I'm having a little trouble choosing an abrasion/wear resistant tool steel however.

My first inclination is A2, or for more wear-resistance, and definitely more PITA factor, using D2. But as I research wear-resistant tool steels, a few more options seem to come up. DC53, and PM60 are also a couple options. When I look up prices for M2 & M4 high-speed steels, they seem to be about 5 times more expensive than A2, D2, S7 etc...


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Guys, I have a problem

I need to make a replacement insulator between the lower head and the lower arm on my Brother.

Before anyone asks, I do have a perfect ceramic OEM part to use, but I will not attempt to put it on.


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Plastic Electronics Enclosure offers NEMA 4X and I

Measuring 4.63 x 4.63 x 2.36 in. and designed for outdoor applications, Model HD44 is available in both gray and black UV-stabilized polycarbonate with silicone gasket seal and UL94V-0 flame rating. Gasket protects internal components from dust, dirt, and water. Additional features include molded on surface-mounting flanges, plastic PCB mounting bosses, stainless steel screws for corrosion resistance, and brass inserts for cover on/off convenience.

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