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New Ford f150 pickup is "military grade aluminum

I saw a tv ad for the new Ford f150 pickup. they said the body is made from military grade aluminum. Then I saw an ad for the new Chevy pick up. it is made with"rolled steel" Just like submarines are made from rolled steel. It had a picture of a submarine in the ice as a background. I thought Russian subs were titanium?
I guess Billet is passe now?
Bil lD.


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Hey everybody,
I'm relatively new to machining. I've taken a mill class and a lathe class at the local community college to learn the basics and I will figure the rest out with a little experience. I've got a question pertaining to pressure knurlers. I know these are inferior to the saddle knurlers, but those are pricey and I'd rather make due with my pressure knurlers for the time being. Is there a way to get a nice looking knurl from this type or should I expect a mediocre finish from these? When I knurl, I am always getting a double knurl pattern, I don't know how to correct this, is it just a matter of raising or lowering the knurl wheels? When I set the wheels up, I give them a slight offset to the right or left, I read to do this somewhere. I'm sure people are very good at this type of setup but I can't get good results thus far. Also, I am using a phase II setup so my toolholder has the knurls built into it. Thanks for the help.


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New Member Introduction

Hello everyone,

I have been a reader of this forum for years and just now became a member and wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself.

I am an engineer by education, but ever since I can remember I have been a tinkerer, and making things has always been my passion. From breaking open toys as a kid to modifying cars through high school and now to operating CNC machines I have enjoyed making things that could not be found elsewhere.


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From a large, professional (well, not when I have dealt with them), dealer to boot. Impressive in that apparently no one even had a camera for a few quick pictures. Considering they have machines up for over a year maybe they could have put it off a few hours to get some snaps. I assume they are fixing this as we speak. This would be laughably lazy if not.

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New IP 68 Quick Fix Cable Glands from OKW

New Quick Fix Cable Glands from OKW speed up installations and make it easier to work when access is difficult.

Quick Fix Cable Glands have been designed to be fitted from the outside without the use of special tools. They will fit both OKW and non-OKW enclosures.

Installation involves simply pushing the cable gland into a drilled hole, centring it and tightening an external locknut which has a left-hand thread to ensure it remains firm. The cable can then be fed through.


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New Scalance M Routers Provide Remote Access

Operate in areas restricted from wireless communication
Provide Ethernet connection over public digital subscriber lines (DSL)
Communicate over private two-wire or stranded cables

Siemens introduces three Scalance M series of rugged industrial routers that are designed to reliably operate in areas normally restricted from wireless communication, including water treatment plants and medical applications.


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eWON will be presenting two important new features of its flagship product eWON Flexy at SPS IPC Drives 2014: the embedded Web HMI functionality, ViewON3, and remote WiFi access. In service throughout the world with many thousands sold, the eWON Flexy modular M2M router is taking a firm grip in the Internet of things era with these two new functionalities.eWON Flexy is the first industrial modular M2M router (& data gateway) which allows OEMs and system integrators to link remote sites in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing and to communicate universally with a wide range of field equipment, regardless of the protocol used.

ViewON 3: a powerful Web HMI
Thanks to viewON3, remote monitoring and equipment diagnostics are just a click away. Combined with Talk2M, eWON's cloud connectivity solution, viewON allows remote machines and equipment to be accessed from any mobile platform whatsoever. In fact, viewON is an advanced graphic interface used to design animated HMI pages for the eWON Flexy. ViewON 3 now includes HTML5 and CSS3 technologies which offer full compatibility with tablet or smartphone type mobile devices. A serious asset for real-time decision making and diagnostics.


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Manchester Tool & Die, Inc. recently introduced a Servo Roll Former for tube O.D. capacity of 3/4”.  The Servo Roll Former can be tooled for either rolling or cutting operations.  Features servo driven ball screw roll forming unit and quick and easy machine setup.  This roll former also offers the same time proven industrial bearing package as Manchester Tool & Die’s Model 24008-HS Grooving Machine.  ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Manchester Tool & Die supplies tube end forming, grooving and crimping machines and tooling to a variety of industries, with machines ranging from 3/16” to 3” O.D. capacities.  Standard and custom-built machines and parts can be manufactured to meet customer applications.  The company’s manufacturing facility is available for customers’ production machining needs such as CNC and manual turning, CNC and manual boring, CNC milling, grinding and wire EDM.  Steel fabricating services are also available.


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