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shimming less than 0.0004"

had a job yesterday i had to recut some rail surfaces .00035" off with a twist. the casting
near as i can tell was twisted when the opposite side was machinned similar to what cold rolled steel does when machinned.
part is about 40" long (200lbs) and supported on 3 points. since i usually use .001" and .0015"
shim stock or feeler gage material i had to think about how do i shim at support points


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Milling of non planar, multi use knife, knife less

Milling of non planar, multi use knife, knife less end, do not be afraid of the knife;
The knife corner, broadsword refinement;
Don't be afraid to face, adding surface can improve the processing speed, beautify the processing results.
Blank material of high hardness: inverse milling better
Low hardness of rough material: good milling


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50 Mistakes of Less Successful All-embracing Sales

50 does not covers all, but they are mostly witnessed over and over again. Nowadays, too abounding tend to accept too much, the abhorrent aftereffect of demography things for accepted is to accomplish suicide.

1. Amount never becomes an obstacle in a deal, which has not been accomplished universally. The botheration of amount is consistently advised as a aciculate weapon to lock

down a accord or an obstable. Thus, the sales are the architect of a asleep amount in a business.


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