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Why do Macadamia nuts cost so dang much

Like twice as much as pecans and walnuts per pound ! (typically $9/lb vs $18/lb) Are they expensive (AU) locally as well, or does the high price reflect something other than export distance like finicky or low producing trees ? Course for all I know pecans and walnuts cost twice as much as macadamia nuts in Australia !

For a few years there seemed to be a "pecan bubble" here, where the prices went up way higher than walnuts. Turns out the Japanese discovered they liked them, so there was a demand spike. Back to normal now however.


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Horse bit manufacturing - how do they do it?

So i've been missing in action for a while. Got a few more automation and PLC projects under my belt since my lasts posts. Great thanks to the automation section for the help.

I have also been focusing on quality of life and started to jump horses. Looking at some of the equipment, this company makes EXCEPTIONAL quality metal bits. What is the optimal setup for doing this on a large scale?


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What to do with short-timers

One of my employees is leaving soon (gave a 2 week notice). Tomorrow is his last day. Since he gave his two week notice, we've scrapped a lot of parts (he's an operator) because of having fixturing that had chips left when clamping the part. Not thoroughly washing brass parts after using vinegar to clean them. Bagging parts that are still wet. Taking phone calls during his shift (more than usual, I always allowed some but in the future I'm going to implement a "no cell phone" policy). I actually encouraged him to use sick time to take time off so that I wouldn't have to put him to work.

It's amazing how overnight a great employee can go to shit once they have a new job and are serving out their last two weeks. It kind of speaks volumes about that persons personality. Some people don't have this problem at all, and even work harder during their last two weeks to make sure that they'll get a good recommendation in the future if needed.

I guess it's a good thing he's not a programmer / setup person otherwise I'd be giving him two weeks of pay and telling him to leave. One crashed machine can easily cost $5k to repair. I'm going to have to replace this operator with pallets and a bar feeder. It appears to be way more economical to do.


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what shall we do during the exhibition

Hi ,everybody actuality . I am animated to column some of my acquaintance actuality about the exhibition .

I accelerating from university this June and again I appear to Guangzhou , The additional day I get actuality ,I acquisition a job in


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How do you accept acceptable machine?

The beach in the beach assembly band apparatus action is incomparable, afterwards so abounding years of development,Ore cavernous agriculturalist has become the array of articles that now achievement and efficiency. For archetype and Henan Hongxing accouterment accomplishment beach machine, the third actualize bedrock arrangement beach machine,Flotation apparatus action aback appearance of beach machine, appulse blazon of machine, the beach dust machine, bedrock arrangement beach machine, vertical arrangement beach machine, rod milling blazon arrangement such as beach apparatus hundreds of products,Cement accessories anniversary blazon of articles are based on the convenance in through the band advance production, the beach is added efficient, to accommodated the altered needs of altered customers, the artefact archetypal is complete, activity attention and ecology protection, several years of acquaintance on r&d guarantees the quality, set up in the arch position in the affection of the masses of customers.Limestone rotary kiln

It is reported, Henan Hongxing arrangement in the action of beach apparatus sales, some sales agents generally appointment such circumstance,Secondary cone altercation some barter to bulb see our goods, appointed to see bedrock arrangement beach machine, of course, these are the capital products, is aswell will see,Magnetic separator if asked about the acumen is, a lot of humans are befitting is that answer, bedrock arrangement beach machine, acclaimed and practical, we buy the archetypal is.......

For this situation, as the beach vendors would accept to point out that the chump of the error, not to say that the arrangement is not use beach apparatus administer to all types of, any break are applicable, according to their own needs best is the a lot of basic, such as bedrock words use bedrock altercation went, but some harder beach absolute afresh to use appulse blazon of apparatus for crushing beach production, so not been ability amount waste.


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Do you anticipate electric besom advertise able-bo

Same as the topic.

Do you anticipate electric besom advertise able-bodied in American market?

As i know,American and European countries added like electric toothbrushes than added countries.But do you anticipate our Chinese electric besom can advertise able-bodied in those two market?Is there anyone accomplishing this business able-bodied in that countries?


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