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circular interpolation commands for cnc machining

circular interpolation commands
G02 interpolation clockwise, counterclockwise for interpolation of G03, the format in the XY plane, as follows: G02/G03X_Y_I_K_F_ or G02/G 03 X_Y_R_F_, where X, Y is a circular arc end coordinates, I, J as the starting point to the center of the circle arc in X, Y axis incremental value, R radius, F is the amount of feed.
Note that in the circular arc cutting, q is less than or equal to 180 DEG R positive; q>180 degrees, R negative; I, K R can be specified specified, when both are specified at the same time, the R instruction is preferred, I, K is invalid; R can't do the whole round of cutting, the whole round cutting can only use I, J, K programming, because through the same point, the same radius circle there are numerous, as shown in figure 2.
Fig. 2 through the same point circle
When I and K is zero, it can be omitted; both G90 and G91 mode, I, J, K according to the relative coordinate programming; circular interpolation, not with the cutter compensation instruction G41/G42.


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Using the Homing Commands

Homing the apparatus can be agitated out by application the G27, G28, or G30 Home Commands. Homing can aswell be accomplished through a Homing Script authentic through card - Setup - Apparatus Setup - Home. The Homing Script will assassinate any accurate GCode Blocks if the Home Buttons are pressed. The Homing Script can accomplish a Hard Home (to concrete Home Switches) or Soft Home (move to position) functions. Home Switches should be Normally Closed if used.

G27 - Verify Home:

G27 is acclimated to verify table position and accomplish an Emergency Stop if table position tolerances are aloft specification. G27 will Home to a switch, almanac the about-face location, and account the aberration from this abstinent Home Area to the set Home Position. G27 should alone be acclimated afterwards the apparatus has been Homed application G30. No Home Account is performed during the G27 call.


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