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Utica Bonney ratchet wrench parts - hopeless?

I broke one of the ratchet pawls inside my Utica Bonney 1/2" drive torque wrench just now.* I know Utica Bonney has been gone for close to 20 years. Does anyone have a stash of parts? I can make a new pawl, but would rather spend the time productively. The wrench is barely broken in, otherwise.

*As usual, the tire place over-tightened my lug nuts, and I was setting the torque back where it belongs. I was using my torque wrench to back off and then re-tighten the nuts, which was dumb in hindsight.


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Identify old lathe from Denmar

Not long ago I purchased my first lathe. It has as far as I can see no makers mark
but of course I'm interested in knowing anything about it. Also how it look and what
tooling it came with. I am not very proficient in lathe work, but my father was trained
as a toolmaker and he has promised to hel


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Polishing in bearing fits on a T303 shaft

I have a customer from whom I've received many hardened motor shafts for modification. It's a pain in the ass. Totally doable, just not fun. I proposed to him that instead I make them from scratch in stainless. This appealed to them because there is a weather exposure element for the shafts.

The shaft has two bearing fits. One is 4mm, the other a bit bigger, for scale. A couple other precision features. The bearing fits are the nut of it though.

My Whacheon will give me .0003"- .0005" oversize on the bearing journals repeatably; I did a bunch tonight. So that's how much I need to polish off. When I did the prototype shaft for them, I polished them in with 600-grit Emory and it was quick and seemed like a workable process.


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Size of sqaure shank on taps

I am trying to find the size of the square shank on a 5/8-11 tap. I have the tap on order but I need to make or buy a extension so I can drive the tap down beside some obstructions. If I knew the size of the square drive end I can make the extension ahead of time. I believe there is a standard where several taps in order use the same drive size then it jumps up for the next few etc. Maybe it is a standard size so I can buy a socket designed for square nuts. I have a extended tap handle but it only goes to 1/4 or maybe 3/8. I know it will be too small for 5/8.
I am hoping 5/8 is the same drive size as 1/2 since I do have some stuff for 1/2" I could probably modify.
Bil lD.


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For a one-off project, I need to attach this hydraulic pressure gauge to a chamber in a steel block. The steel is free-machining, unproblematic. Inside is hydraulic fluid, at pressures up to 400 Bar. How do I design the receptacle that this screws into?

img_3911.jpg img_3912.jpg

The thread is a parallel (non-tapered) 1/4" metric G (Whitworth British Standard Pipe Parallel) intended for strength, but not to seal. So the seal must come from one of two places. Either the short 5mm brass stub should be forced into some type of taper, or the 10mm flat must bear against a trapped sealing washer or o-ring. In either case, I can't just drill an 11.8mm hole and tap it.


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