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How are long small diameter tapers made

I have a job to do that requires making some long tapers. These are going to be bent into what's called a surgical hook. When I say long I'm talking about 6" and about 3/16" diameter tapering down to a very sharp point something like a scribe. It's much too thin to turn in the lathe and I don't have a toll post grinder. I could forge them and then sand the hoof marks out but that's going to be a bit iffy. How are things like that normally made? Centerless grinder with canted wheels? Thanks.


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Mounting Diamond Wheel to a 1/2 Shaft

Im pondering how to mount this wheel on this old motor, just using it for touching up HSS and Brazed Tools.
I was thinking of making a flange which I did, but the shaft has such a large flat on it that its hard to get a good fit that runs true. Then I thought I should sleeve the motor shaft and mount the flange on the sleeve, then set screw. or maybe use a Tapered Split Compression Sleeve?
Any Ideas? Thanks


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Help picking out lathe inserts

I picked up a sheldon R-15 lathe about a year ago from a guy down in San Antonio who used it to make high end pool cues. His name was Jack Kompan of mystic cues. The lathe came with a few indexable carbie insert holders and a few inserts. I have tried looking on line however there are so many various grades and sizes. Can anyone help me pick out some insets to order? I am not sure which size I need or grade. I machine steel 99% of the time. I have attached two photos in hopes that someone can help me with a link of what they would buy. An eBay link would help too.. Thanks John

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Basic question about metal lathe


I am not a machinist but I have a mirco home machine shop and I am learning the technique alone, by myself.

I would like to cross check what a friend told me.


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Ever try to press fit titanium

Maybe there's a trick to it, but I sure haven't figured it out. I was trying to duplicate what I thought was a press fit of a 1/4" rod through a 1/2" rod, but I just couldn't mange it. I started out with the 1/4" rod turned down so only 1/2" of it was 0.249" diameter and reamed a 0.248" hole. When my press went up past 2000lbs I figured it went bad. I managed to press it back out and saw the smear. So then I tried smearing it up with anti-seize, same results. Then I tried 0.0005" clearance, same problem. Maybe this was just a bad idea. Any tricks?


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My bad. I did join and though that I'm posting there... I don't understand how I accidentally posted here again. And I can't delete it either


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Don't know which forum this question belongs in, so I'll post it here.

Going to finish the installation of my Tree 2UVR-C mill that is now powered via Teco N3 VFDs and I need to get remote control push buttons for the spindle, x-y feed and knee feed motors. They will be mounted in a 3" square tube arm that will also support the DRO readout, all of which will be at approximately the height of the ram as the arm will be bolted to the ram lifting hole. Included in the "control station" will be the N3 control pads for each VFD using the remote location cables that were part of the VFD purchase. I plan on having the following controls installed in the arm:

Run button for the spindle


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Machinery in a building with a wood-framed floor

I'm looking at buying a property with an old (but structurally sound) barn on it. I'll have to build a shop on the land at some point but the money probably won't be around for a year or so.

The barn is built into a hillside and has a concrete foundation and basement; the main floor is a regular stick framed structure. I'm wondering if it's feasible to move my machinery into this space temporarily until I can get the shop built.

I have an 8k lb VMC, and about 5-6k lbs of other machines (1000-2000 lb each). The VMC is obviously the problem as the other weight can be spread out around the edges of the building, but the VMC is a pretty big concentrated load. I can install a beam in the basement under where it sits with columns and footers to hold it up, but my concern is skating it into position.


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