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Machining schools/training

I think some other people have the same topics but their threads are years old. Anyways, are there any schools or shops in Massachusetts that offer proper training in CNC/tooling, especially during summer/winter breaks or late afternoons? I'm a sophomore ME at UMass Amherst and been working long hours in the EE department's machine shop for over a year but think I've reached a peak learning point with my current boss-all manual milling, lathing, etc. I tried contacting the ME department's shop managers, but they hate people coming in during holiday. I looked up some schools and only WPI may have something flexible. Just want to continue my academics and machining at the same time. Right now, spending my free time reading a CNC book. Willing to dump a couple grand. Thanks!


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My need is for a 5C collet at .2115" diameter. I can buy a .2115" reamer. Rather than bore to size, can I simply drill to 13/64" which is .2031" and then ream to my final size of .2115" ?

Will I have problems with the bore finish using a reamer, in a three sided collet, as opposed to boring it out ? Would a straight fluted reamer work or would a spiral reamer be less prone to sympathetic chatter cause by the three breaks in the inner surface of the collet ?

Thanks in advance.


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Programming manuals

Hello my name is chris, Im sorry if this is in the wrong area but upon reading a sticky it said i should post in general. mods please move if it is or guide me to correct section

At work we currently have a Miyano- Jnc 60 lathe that has not ran in years. 7 months ago we had a business fire destroying about 20,000sq ft of our plant and contaminating everything with soot. Items that were deemed destroyed were recorded and sent to our insurance company. I have currently been able to get the machine back up and running. all seems well and the machine takes simple programs that I have written. Currently I am on the lookout for the original programming manual and operator manual that came with the machine. If anyone has a heads up on where i can find these manuals it would be greatly appreciated. Tried contacting miyano but seems they were purchased out and cannot find anyone that is willing to help with what I need. If you have and distributors or companies that may be able to help me it please let me know


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Milling Leather

So, has anyone here ever milled leather?

I would like to mill a fairly shallow closed pocket in a 2.5mm thick piece of relatively dense leather. I have a fixture designed (including a vacuum apparatus to suck up the cuttings), but I have no idea what kind of tool one should use for this, or even if it's been done before. I'm thinking a 2mm, 2 flute, low helix mill for aluminum, run at a high speed and low feed should give us a clean edge, but I suspect experimentation will be the order of the day on this deal.


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Inputs on Removing Stuck SS Tube


I need some advice. Here are photos of a "Slide Plate" that functions as a filter on a plastic compounding extruder. It's 32" x 12" x 2", made from 4140.



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Chuck mountingproblems

I just got a 4jaw chuck for my TOS lathe, that was very nice, except it doesn't fit.
The chuck uses a 6bolt Camlock system, and my lathe uses a 4 bolt with nut system.
The conical centerhole is the same.
Any good ideas on what to do?


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Cutting threads--trick question?

I have presented this question to several machinists with most not only getting it wrong, but many times a minor shouting match will follow. Btw, I do know the correct answer so let's see how it plays out here. One of the ways to cut threads with an EDM is to machine an electrode with the correct number of threads per inch but quite a bit smaller than the hole to be threaded. You could use an electrode 1/4-20 to cut a 1/2-20 hole for instance by orbiting the electrode. Here's where opinions wildly differ. When orbiting the electrode using the X and Y axis's, would you also need to use the Z axis?


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Fadal Y axis way lube line clogged.

Well I just got a '92 Fadal 4020 a few weeks ago. Machine is great shape. I pulled the way covers of two weeks ago and noticed that the X ways and one Y way were not getting oil. I replaced the metering manifold and all metering units on the saddle. That did the trick, now everything but one Y way are getting oil. The line goes from the manifold directly into the casting for that one problematic way. I was thinking it was just leaking right where it goes into the casting so I put some JB weld around it and no luck. I'm thinking of building a high pressure kerosene pump that runs off air to hopefully unclog the line. I will just hook up that one line to the high pressure kerosene pump. If that fails it looks like I will have to pull off the table to get the Y way oil port. Any ideas? Also will take the Gibbs off and use a forklift to raise the table slightly to let the contaminants in the line escape...


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