What to do with short-timers

One of my employees is leaving soon (gave a 2 week notice). Tomorrow is his last day. Since he gave his two week notice, we've scrapped a lot of parts (he's an operator) because of having fixturing that had chips left when clamping the part. Not thoroughly washing brass parts after using vinegar to clean them. Bagging parts that are still wet. Taking phone calls during his shift (more than usual, I always allowed some but in the future I'm going to implement a "no cell phone" policy). I actually encouraged him to use sick time to take time off so that I wouldn't have to put him to work.

It's amazing how overnight a great employee can go to shit once they have a new job and are serving out their last two weeks. It kind of speaks volumes about that persons personality. Some people don't have this problem at all, and even work harder during their last two weeks to make sure that they'll get a good recommendation in the future if needed.

I guess it's a good thing he's not a programmer / setup person otherwise I'd be giving him two weeks of pay and telling him to leave. One crashed machine can easily cost $5k to repair. I'm going to have to replace this operator with pallets and a bar feeder. It appears to be way more economical to do.

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