New IP 68 Quick Fix Cable Glands from OKW

New Quick Fix Cable Glands from OKW speed up installations and make it easier to work when access is difficult.

Quick Fix Cable Glands have been designed to be fitted from the outside without the use of special tools. They will fit both OKW and non-OKW enclosures.

Installation involves simply pushing the cable gland into a drilled hole, centring it and tightening an external locknut which has a left-hand thread to ensure it remains firm. The cable can then be fed through.

Not only are the glands easy to use but they also save space because only a very narrow flange extends into the enclosure.

Each Quick Fix Cable Glands is rated to IP 68 as standard for its seal and strain relief. The glands are designed for enclosure wall thicknesses from 0.04" to 0.15".

Four sizes are available: M16 (cable Ø 0.20" - 0.39"), M20 (cable Ø 0.31" - 0.51"), M25 (cable Ø 0.43" - 0.67"), M32 (cable Ø 0.59" - 1.26").

They are molded in polyamide in Light Gray (RAL 7035) as standard. Custom colors are available on request.

Prices for Quick Fix Cable Glands start at $2.83. Others products in the range include cable glands with pull relief and bend protection, IP 68 sealing rings and counter nuts.

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