The advantages and disadvantages between G92 and G

The advantages and disadvantages between G92 and G54 to G59
G54 G59 is set to the coordinate system before processing, and G92 is set in the program of the coordinate system, using the G54 ~ G59 is not necessary to use G92, or G54 to G59 will be replaced, should be avoided, as shown in table 1.
Table 1 G92 and work coordinate system '
Note: (1) when using G92 set the coordinate system, and then use G54 to G59 does not play any role, unless the power-off restart the system, or then uses the G92 to set the desired new workpiece coordinate system. (2) using the G92 program is finished, if the machine did not return?
The origin of G92 set, start the program again, the position of the machine becomes the new workpiece coordinate origin, accident prone. So, I hope readers with caution.

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