Source for thin wall brass tubing

I need to find a source for some 1.25" od brass tubing with a wall thickness of .012"

It's for a part on a k&t mill and I can't seem to find this from any of my usual sources. The thinnest I can find the 1.25" is .040" thick.

I thought I had some aluminum tubing that would work, but its a little too thick as well(.035"). A shaft runs through the tubing, so it needs to be that thin.

I thought maybe I could get by with stainless, aluminum, or any other metal tubing as long as it was that size but I can't seem to find that either.

I'm sure somebody makes it, or at least they did in 1942.

Any help is appreciated, I only need a foot.


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Tags: Source for thin wall brass tubing
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