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So I bought a Framco 3-1/2 arbor press with a ratcheting handle. Other than pressing arbors I find most jobs press difficult and time consuming because I don't have the right fixture to hold some thing that needs pressing or the right punch to press with. I usually just cob something together which usually fights me thru the process anyway.

The most recent press job was removing 1/4" shaft brass gears from potentiometers held on with 3/32" roll pins. Drilling a new 3/32" hole thru a new 1/4" potentiometer shaft and pressing in a new 3/32" roll pin. For this job I used a small bench arbor press.

1st question is what do you like to have at your disposal for general press jobs. Pictures of common fixture or other accessory

2nd the punch I made quick was out of 12l14. I was planning on making a nice punch set but I wonder if 12l14 is softer metal than what I should be using. I ended up bending it a couple times and the end mushroomed and needed filing. What would be the best alloy/ in shop heat treatment options.

Thoughts and pictures much appreciated!

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