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    The truck trial is all about, as precisely as possible to drive through rough terrain. The trial vehicles are often built and usually have to have as much power available, a very slow gear ratio. They
    Remote-controlled truck (also called "truck model") are most often built in scales 1:16 (Wedico) and 1:14 (Tamiya). The larger scales 1:10, 1:12 and 1:8 are rarely represented. These models
12-4-11  RC Car Kit
    A kit is not assembled model. The components are contained in separate bags. A construction manual explaining the assembling step by step. It takes on the contrary to the RTR or separately purchased e
    Under Ready to Run means a ready assembled model including the complete remote control. For remote control includes power, receiver and transmitter. This form of remote controlled cars, however, has t
    If an insert is designed to rough and finish a workpiece or to settle, decide the radius of the cutter. This can vary from 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm. Inserts with a radius smaller than 0.8 mm are usually used
    As with many other metal-cutting manufacturing processes can be distinguished even when rotating between a roughing and a finishing operation. In roughing significantly more volume than the finishing
12-3-29  NC Profiling
    geometric shape of the machined surface [Edit] Turning around, there arises the surface of a cylinder Facing, it creates the base of a cylinder, ie a level Taper turning, producing the surface of a
    Depending on the feed direction between longitudinal and transverse turning turning (facing) differed. When Turning the tool moves along the rotation axis (Z axis), the cross-rotation perpendicular /
    Depending on how the processing site is located on the workpiece, it is called the inner or outer turning turning. At the outer turning the exterior surfaces are machined, the internal turning areas,
    The cutting data that can be adjusted during rotation, the cutting speed, the feed and the depth of cut. By optimizing these parameters, the following conditions are met: optimum tool life improved
    The reference axis is the axis of rotation during rotation of the main spindle, around which the workpiece and the feed. This is typically referred to as Z-axis and shows the chuck towards the tailsto
     Stamped and bent part from sheet metal When punching flat parts are made of different materials (sheet metal, cardboard, textiles, etc.) made with a press or on strike, and a cutting tool. The
12-3-12  CNC Milling
    In CNC milling can be programmed with up to 5-axis machines with a machine controller. The axes can be controlled individually or simultaneously with feeds. The travel distances are measured by measur
    When milling is mainly distinguished between conventional milling and CNC milling. Passive display coordinates of a milling machine in the three axes X, Y and Z Hand-or mechanically-controlled mil
    Wood is milled without metalworking fluid (MWF) and high average speed. Because wood is a poor conductor of heat, occur at the tool surfaces at high temperatures. Therefore, feed and depth of cut are
    Furthermore, after the milling process can be distinguished as in DIN 8589, Part 3: Face milling produces flat surfaces and is divided in the circumferential face milling, end-milling and face millin
12-3-12  Climb milling
    For backlash table drive, which occurs usually only with older or defective milling and boring machines, it is advisable to conventional milling, because of this the cutter to driven workpiece table p
    When conventional milling the cutting edge of the rotary tool is moved in the engagement region opposite to the feed direction of the workpiece and forms a from the entry point to exit point of the cu
     half-finished impeller Milling refers to the chip removing machining of metals, wood or plastics by means of a milling tool. It takes on special machine tools, usually on a milling machine or m
     Dancing Master, or a combination of testers sense exterior buttons are metal processing in steel. They serve as measurement tools are difficult to access outside diameters, wall thicknesses, and
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