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    1. He plans for a given set of machines. 2. The machines are capable of a limited number of manufacturing operations. 3. The machines have a specific burden/workload.  Given these machine cons
    Doyle separates the activities performed in process planning into seven general categories. 1. Interpret the specification˵飬 requirements. 2. Position the part on the machine. 3. Determin
     Process planning has been defined as the subsystem responsible for the conversion of design data to work instruction. A more specificϸģ definition of process planning is that function within
    CHICA Metal Products has been a leader in custom sheet metal fabrication. We work with cold-rolled, hot-rolled, and stainless steel as well as aluminum, galvanized, and galvannealed steel.Many advance
    The machinability, or ease with which a given material can be cut, is greatly influenced by the kind and shape of cutting tool used. It must be recognized, however, that machinability is a relative te
    The simplest form of cutting tool is the single –point tool such as used in lathe and shaper work. Multiple-point cutting tools are merely two or more single-point tools arranged together as a u
    In manufacturing all products, it is important that the processes involved be efficient and capable of producing parts of acceptable quality. After they have been refined, metals are changed by some p
    One of the advantages of building your own airplane is that, if you build it, you can fix it. Repairs to sheet metal airplanes fall into two categories: simple, which doesnt involve damage to structur
     Calculation of Cutting Force Through the general postprocessor and the time-history postprocessor in the FEM software (ANSYS), the calculated results in each time step can be displayed. From th
    The displacement toward left side is applied in the right side of cutting tool. Therefore the cutting tool moves at given speed and under different displacement boundary conditions. This simulates the
    The metal-cutting process simulation deals with many areas. It mainly includes the following three aspects. Firstly, in metal-cutting process the material to be cut stands elastic and plastic deformat
    Abstract: Using the technology of numerical simulation and the finite element method (FEM) software ANSYS, the two-dimensional metal cutting process is simulated, the theory about numerical simulation
    I. CNC machine tools compared with ordinary CNC machine - digital control machine tools (Computer numerical control machine tools) for short, is a process control system with automated machine tools.&
    1. The original design USES Company for the mechanization of shell, each gate bar production cycle is 3-4 days, and poured riser breed only three. Watering riser manufacturing outsourced processing.
12-5-9  Machining
    Conventional machining, one of the most important material removal process, is a collection of material-working processes in which power-driven machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, and dri
    -         Design Rule Check (DRC): On-line and Off-line (Dracula)  (3.6.1) -         Circuit extraction (Layout Pa
    1. Provide separate optimization of the n-type and p-type transistors 2. Make it possible to optimize Vt, Body effect, and the Gain of n, p devices, independently. 3. Steps: A. 
    For a universal style slant bed turning center (as shown in fig.5), for example, the programmer should know the most basic machine components, including bed, way system, headstock & spindle, turre
    Learning about a new CNC machine - the key points From a programmers standpoint, as you begin to learn about any new CNC machine, you should concentrate on four basic areas. First, you should underst
    Present and future trends of modern manufacture point toward an increase in the use of computers and a decrease in manual methods1. The driving force in this trend is the need to utilize a central com
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