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    Carrera is a brand that was built by the former toy manufacturer Neuhierl GmbH & Co. KG and were sold under the since the early 1960s railborne racetracks. Following a restructuring of 1972/73 was to
    This RC-class international events are organized. The manufacturer operates in Germany once a year, the race course "Masters Mini-Z".
    Due to the relative small scale of the car fits in the palm of an adult. Thus, a riding is possible in a small area. The energy supply of the models is entirely electric, with four batteries of type A
    Next, a distinction between the belt and shaft drive. The shaft drive is the drive belt inferior in efficiency, but these days it is almost exclusively kardangetriebene vehicles because they are easie
    The larger models (from 1:12) usually have a double-wishbone suspension with shock absorbers and oil dampers. In high-quality vehicles, gas-pressure shock absorbers are to be found. The tires are usua
    The all-wheel drive offers the best possible traction even for onroad vehicles in the area and is essential. 4WD vehicles have not only a more forgiving ride, but also in extreme situations much easie
    RC Car with 2WD (2 wheel drive) usually have rear-wheel drive. Front drive vehicles tend to understeer in bends (pushing through the front wheels), and are therefore not very common. The advantages of
12-7-30  Energy storage
    The power of the motor receives from a battery pack, which usually consists of six to eight cells, each 1.2 volts nominal voltage. NiMH batteries as an energy source is currently the most widespread a
    Electric-powered RC cars are driven by an electric motor. The most efficient electric motors are brushless motors ("brushless"). They make it possible (due to less friction) much more power to bring t
    A two-stroke Glhzndermotor for car models. 2.5 cc engine capacity, power 0.9 kW at 19.000/min. Maximum speed 34.000/min. Height with heatsink 85 mm, total length including the crankshaft end and 110
12-7-30  Drive
    A distinction is made between the combustion engine and electric motor, and between two and four wheel drive.
12-7-30  Control
    Radio controlled models are controlled via proportional, infinitely adjustable two-channel remote controls (one channel for control, one for gas / brake), or with additional features like reverse at i
12-7-30  1:5
    RC cars on a scale of 1:5 Lauterbacher with BMW body scale 1:5 (photo montage) These vehicles are the largest radio-controlled cars. They are up to five feet long and weigh from 10 to 15 kg. The
12-7-30  1:6
    FG Marder Larger bumps are easily crossed. It is powered rear axle, but there are also some manufacturers offer, the all-wheel drive models. These are also approved for racing. , 24 - -, 26 -, 27 - o
12-7-30  1:8
    It operates the models in this class typically of 3.5-cc two-stroke engines up to 4.6 cc engines, rarely four-stroke engines are installed, which were originally intended for use in model aircraft. Th
    Touring cars on the track drifting There are 3 different types of incinerators 1:10. One is called simply "1:10" or "1:10 Wide" and the other type is called "1:10 scale". These models have received i
12-7-30  1:10
    In the 1:10 class, there he is, just as in the 1:8 class, all classes of cars, buggies, flat railroaders etc. The class is 1:10 to drive in two different ways, namely with Verbrennermotor or electric
12-7-30  1:18 / 16
    This scale spread quite rapidly in recent years. Here you can find vehicles for the onroad and also for off-road use. Lately even vehicles have been associated with internal combustion engine on the m
12-7-30  1:28
    1:28 RC cars are he-is possible, for example XMODS and Mini Z, Xmods can be upgraded not only with engines and parts handling, smooth body but also upgrades (such as front apron, bonnet, side skirts,
12-7-30  1:36
    At the 1:36 he heard cars such as the Team Losi Micro-T. They can also be equipped with tuning parts. Outside, you can drive on pavement only because of their size. They can also be pretty fast.
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