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12-7-30  Engineering
    The aim of the drift is to the vehicle laterally move in a curve to its own longitudinal axis. For this purpose, at corner entry initially steered into the direction of the curve. Cancels the heck out
12-7-30  RC-Drift
    As an RC drift refers to the drifting with remote-controlled cars.
12-7-30  Truck Model
    Trucks from Magirus-Deutz as a model of Brekina The truck model is a division of modeling, which is usually performed as a hobby. Here, the great originals are copied on a smaller scale. Intention o
12-7-30  Examples
    Conversion of a model helicopter rotor head paddle into a rigid-rotor head Increased efficiency: replacement of brush motors with brushless motors (brushless motors) Decoration: Use of shiny painted
    Many modeling forums are now working more with the tuning as the basic structure of a model or assembly of a kit. Was it used to be that one was the construction of the model to the pilot or captain,
    A tuned Mercedes E-Class model car 1:18 scale Tuning plays not only in the field of remote-controlled models play a role. An example of rapid development of tuning the model auto-tuning. We are talki
12-7-30  Development
    In the early days of modeling Models of hobbyists have been completely designed and built in-house. It came commercially available materials, especially for light wood use. These materials could be pr
12-7-30  Term
    Tuning in the model describe changes and enhancements that are made to a standard model or a model of mass production. The changes can be done to improve quality, but also have purely decorative.
12-7-30  Model Tuning
    Under Model tuning is generally understood as the modification of parts of a model to improve its quality, the performance or appearance. The reason why tuning is nowadays an important issue in modeli
12-7-30  History R / C
    The history of radio-controlled models began on 4 December 1976 with the appearance of a faithfully reproduced Porsche 934 Turbo RSR, which is now a sought after collectors item. The first model in th
12-7-30  Models
    TAMIYA Shizuoka The model series go on ships of various military vehicles and civilian airplanes to motorcycles and cars. The scale ranges from 1/700 to the scale 1/5. The remote-controlled cars and
12-7-30  Car Model
    There are various competitions, of different classes. There are several World Championships, European Championships and each local championships. There are different classes, e.g. 1:10 Electric Offroa
12-7-30  Motivation
    To operate in addition to pure technical challenge RC models, is also participating in competitions with these models, a major motivation for the RC model hobby. In the competition is less about the h
    With the exception of sailboats and gliders, using wind as a driving force requiring all RC models of a model drive and energy storage will need: Drive energy storage Electric motor battery or prima
12-7-30  Ship models
    Also, ship models can be categorized according to the type of drive: RC boat with an internal combustion engine RC Ship electric motor RC-sailing ship
12-7-30  Airplanes
     Main article: Radio remote-controlled model airplane The airplane model there are different types of model aircraft. These differ mainly by size, weight, propulsion and flight behavior. Generally
12-7-30  Cars
     Main article: Radio remote-controlled model car There are different sizes of models from 1:43 scale to high scale of 1:5. These vehicles have different maximum speeds of 15 km / h to more than 130
12-7-30  RC model car
    RC model is called the construction of functional models, which are radio-controlled (English Radio Controlled and Remote Controlled). That may be, for example, cars, airplanes, helicopters and ships
12-7-30  starting box
    A starting box means a start system for internal combustion engines in model (small-and micro-motors), such as Glow Engines. It has a box-shaped structure, is fixed on which the model (model car, boat
    Original scales are 1:32 (Carrera Universal) and 1:24 (Carrera 124). Mid-1970s, these two standards have been supplemented by a system on a scale of 1:60, the "Carrera 160". In 1978 the product line f
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