What is CNC five axis machining

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What is CNC five axis machining

What is CNC five axis machining center? What are the characteristics of five axis machining center

Definition of five axis: there are at least five coordinates on a machine tool, which are three linear coordinates and two rotation coordinates

Five axis machining features:

a. 3-axis machine tools can not process or need to clamp too long; B. improve the accuracy, quality and efficiency of free space surface

The difference between five axis and three axis; the difference between five axis and three axis; the establishment of five axis coordinate and the expression of its code

Determination of z-axis: the axis direction of machine tool spindle or the vertical direction of worktable for clamping workpiece is z-axis

Or the direction of the axis parallel to the axis of the workpiece in the horizontal plane

Linear coordinate X axis Y axis Z axis rotation coordinate a axis, b axis and C axis

Axis A: axis A is rotated around X axis

B axis: rotate around Y axis to b axis

C axis: rotate around Z axis for C axis

XYZ + A + B, XYZ + A + C and XYZ + B + C five axes

Five axis can be divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical

The five axis linkage is determined by the relationship between the rotating spindle and the linear motion

  1. Double rotary table (a + B as an example)

Add a rotating table of a-axis on the b-axis rotary table, small turbine, impeller and compact die

  1. High rigidity precision of a + B B + C

  2. The double swing head worktable is large and powerful, suitable for processing large workpieces, gantry type

Rotation range of five axis linkage structure:

Rotation range of double rotary table + 20a-100 b360 + 30a-120 C360

Rotation range: 30b-120 C360

Rotation range of double pendulum head is + 90a-90 C360 + 30